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Although I had announced that my Sept. KL Seminar and the Nov. 2017 Delft Seminars were my last public Seminars, Olygen the Seminar organizer and based on the success of my earlier Seminars convinced me to do 3 more Seminars in 2018.

Scheduled for  2018 are the very last public Seminars as below:

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Below the program of the  Seminar/Masterclass

Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping, Offshore & Wind Turbines

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 Above Program is subject minor Changes


11 Nov. 2017

On Thursday & Friday 9th and 10th of Nov. 2017, Richard Krabbendam presented his last public Seminar in Delft, the Netherlands. With a group of 25 participants from Estonia, Denmark, USA, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Spain, Belgium and France it was a very International group and a Full House!

Although announced in September 2017 that he presented his last Seminar in KL., Malaysia, many persons requested for an other Seminar and Richard agreed to do two more Four Day Extensive Seminars: “Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping, Offshore & Wind Turbines” in Dubai from 12-15 March 2018 and from 9-12 April  2018 in Kuala Lumpur. More details will be announced soon.

Watch the pictures and Testimonials below:

Dear Richard,

Good morning


Many thanks for your email and certificate


I take the opportunity to thanks and to congratulate you for the great seminar. It was a enriching and very interesting presentation


Kind regards, Pablo


Pablo Sanabria

Energy, Oil & Gas, Project Coordinator


On Wednesday and Thursday the 16th+17th of Dec. 2015, Richard Krabbendam, presented his two day Seminar “Heavy Transport, Lifting & Shipping” organized by the BOW Terminal to a group of 19 Participants, mainly from the Netherlands and one delegate from Denmark and Belgium.


It was a very enthousiastic group, who had a lot of questions, resulting in an animated exchange of ideas and “Know How”. Unfortunately it delayed the presentation schedule and the Chapter “Load-outs of Extreme Heavy Lifts” was presented after the evaluation test and the seminar was ended for 4 “Die Hards” only at 19:45 hrs.




In case non of the above dates or cities suits your needs, ask a quotation for an “In Company” Seminar at your own place and time. Send an e-mail to: Contact

Check out the Full Program of the Heavy Transport & Lifting Seminar in Below Video:

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Some Testimonials from earlier Seminars/Masterclasses and company logo’s for which I have presented “In Company” Seminars:

Dear Mr. Richard,

I would like to thank you very much indeed for your valuable seminar. I have realized many point that I had to increase my knowledge and experiences thanks to you. I would be appreciate if you always keep me in loop when you are making another seminar programs.

Best Regards

Semih BAYIR (Mr.)
Senior Project Engineer
Misnak International Transportation Textile and Trade LTD
Iraq Office:
Safwan/Kuwait Main Road, Umm Qasr Port Road Junction, Basrah / IRAQ
Iraq Mobile1     : +964 780 925 0487
Iraq Mobile2     : +964 750 956 3800

Dear Sir,

First of  all I would like to express my sincerely thanks for your hospitality and support during seminar days!

The seminar was very useful whereby included  worth information in lifting sector which added value to my knowledge and career. And hence I hope I can attend more training in same sector.

Best regards,

Fahad  Al Rabani
Lifting Engineer UEQ/32
office :+968 24677353
Mobile:+968 97771164

Dear Richard,

It was good attending the seminar in Dubai , it was a very useful for me, I learnt a lot details in lifting  & planning from you.

Thanks for  emailing the certificates & the Excel sheets  at the earliest .

Thanks &Regards

Joystan D’souza
Senior Technical & Sales Engineer
Tel: +9714 8996555, Fax: +9714 8847919, Mobile: +97150 4446893
Email: joystan@alfarisuae.com, Website: www.alfarisuae.com,

Dear Richard,

Thank you for the email and Certificate. It was such great training will surely help me understanding more in lifting and transportation applications.
Glad to have “good” grade, though I was wishing to have the “very good” grade.
Wish to see you again and have more training with you in future which will definitely improve my experience.


Hassan Ibrahim | Sales Engineer
Enerpac | P.O. Box 18004 | JAFZA
Dubai | United Arab Emirates
T: +971-4-887 2686 | F: +971-4-887 2687
E: hassan.ibrahim@enerpac.com | www.enerpac.com

Hi Richard.
First of all .Thank You very much for your exellence tutorial 2 days Master class training in Singapore . I have enjoyed every moment listening to your presentation. today and sure learned alot of things out of this 2 days session.
As discuss ealier during lunch on the download link that you mentioned . . I already subcribe in 2012 but not getting the whole new package.cluding the video
Appreciate if you can help
Ishk Ahmad Rosdi
Jacobs Engineering Singapore
Dear Richard,
Thank you for your seminar 2 days in Singapore. I have arrived safely in Surabaya and have resume work. I wish I have 3 days course as there are more time to cover and more time to question. But overall everything is good and very informative.
I have 1 problem, I cannot open the thumb drive that contain the seminars slides. What can we do about it?
Looking forward to hear from you again.Andri Susanto
PT Surabaya Express
Jln Teluk Bayur 8
Surabaya 60177
Nothing to comment, simply excellent & I am happy to see mR.Richard share knowledge with others. I wish him all success, peace, happiness in life
Very informative course and useful for personnel involved in Transport Industry.
Please more information on general inspection of lifting equipment
1- More details & photographs required for lifting of heavy reactors / Pressure Vessels using one main crane and one tail crane

2- One sample copy of erection scheme with all calculations/details to be posted on website for erection weight more then 600 ton

3- More detail photographs of strand jack, especially when reactors are at some level/height & at same place
I love to learn, this learning in two days was great, lot of information, well delivered in a very limited time. Feel confident in practical application, Thank you!!
The Program is very good and should be given regularly so that knowledge can be put on the job
Should spend more time on calculations. Anyway it was really interesting

Great Work!  You need to have people (Companies) support your website. I appreciate your experience
Excellent Course! Would love to have more information on Platform Trailers. Lots of mis information exist in the Industry on Platform Trailers. I appreciate you teaching people about platform trailers
Excellent Seminar
Provide calculation examples for key problems
Very interesting and informative
Great Job!
Discussions became too long at times and Break times were not enforced. Consider a timekeeper , because being far off schedule is not acceptable. Otherwise excellent Course!!
Very Good, it should be delivered in a 3 Days Course, as there is lots of relevant information
Would like to have more information on cargo handling on lowboys and other equipments, also Route/Road handling and suggestions (on cargo handling/Bridges/Limitations etc.)
All excellent, Thank you very much!
I would like to add a third day. Too much information for 2 Days!
Very Nice experience overall to be informed by Richard on a  very niche market/shipping segment. Wish to attend again. Perhaps more can be spoken about ship operations.

Kind rgds, Burak
Enjoyed the class. Very informative and well recommended to others. Especially anyone involved in Heavy Lift & Transport.
Being a Masterclas, I expected a little more in depth discussion of Transport Stability. Found out in class there are additional “In Depth” Classe


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This message I received from one of my clients:


Rohit Shenoy has sent you a message.

Date: 4/02/2012

Subject: Very Informative!!!

Dear sir,

It is my pleasure to inform you that I am a hardcore follower of you and the tit bits of info that you post in your LinkedIn profile is really really informative. Also the posts in the various groups that you post. All this gives me a real good idea of whats happening in this field of heavylift & transportation. Also i have your seminar materials and learned a lot from it. It is a must have for everyone in this field. I even check your website regularly for any updates.

Just wanted to inform you about this and how grateful I am to you for enlightening me in this field.

With due respects…

Thank you and cheers!!!

The Website www.heavyliftnews.com offers contractors  a platform for their Heavy Transport & Lifting Projects  (On land as well as Offshore and at Sea) 

Send me your pictures and videos with project description, or anything else which may be of interest to others and will contribute to the Safety in Our Industry!!

Click on Seminar slides and pay by credit card and receive an e-mail link how to download all files.

Since I have started with my Seminars in May 2008, I have presented it to more then 2500 participants in a total of 109 Seminars. As one of the pioneers in presenting my experience in a two, three or four day “Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping & Offshore & Wind Turbines” Seminar, I decided to make all the Seminar slides available for those of you who want to educate themselves as well as their staff. I realize that there is very little written down on “Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping, Offshore & Wind Turbines” knowledge. 

Van Beest the manufacturer of the famous GREENPIN Shackles is one of the sponsors of this website. In case you are interested in a sponsorship, contact the heavy lift specialist through Contact

Below some video impressions of the Seminar “Heavy Transport & Lifting”

The Seminar slides can be presented as a Two or Three day Seminar,  starting at 08:30 hrs and ending that day around 17:00 hrs. The second day again at 8:30 hrs and ended at 17:00 hrs..

In the Seminar a lot of attention is dedicated to Safety, accident analysis and the discussion on how these accidents can be avoided will be dealt with as well.

This extensive two day Seminar is especially useful for i.e. Marine Waranty Surveyors, who know all about loading and securing heavy lifts on board of heavy lift vessels, but very little about transport of the heavy lift to the vessel, and that is where often the accidents happen, but also Freight forwarders and Project engineers find my courses very valuable

The Seminar is focused on operators, supervisors, engineers, sales engineers, freight forwarders and everyone who wants to know more about safely handling heavy lifts shipping companies. All basic principles of “How to handle Heavy Lifts Safely” are presented. For more informatyion, check on the detailed program under Seminar/Masterclass Program

One of the example slides of the Seminar Chapter 2: “Masses, Forces and Centre of Gravity (CoG)”

If you want to become part of the world-class companies in this industry, order the Seminar Slides

Knowledge, information and communication are the keys to your success

The Demag CC4800 used at the Kalundborg Project in Denmark to lift piperacks in position

The Demag CC4800 used at the Kalundborg Project in Denmark to lift piperacks in position

I am Richard L.Krabbendam, for 44 years employed in the Industry and known as “Heavy Lift Specialist”, on land as well as offshore.

I like to share my knowledge and experience in heavy lift transport and lifting on Land as well as Heavy Lift shipping companies & Offshore with others by means of  4.5 GB’s of digital files on Heavy Transport- & Lifting which are for sale on my webshop.

Where will you be in 5 years time and if you really look closely into your heart, where do you want to be in 5 years?

How do you tackle the work in your industry more efficiently? Do you ask yourself sometimes, how would someone else do it?

It is just like an orchestra. You are the director or player, but in order to play a nice tune, you first need to know your instruments well.

Break your daily routine and increase your knowledge!

You as well can learn a large number of “Tips and Tricks”, which will serve you in your future career.

The Seminar slides are focused to operations carried out on Land, but also show valuable information on Heavy Lift Shipping and Offshore Lifting & Installation Techniques

You can now buy all Seminar slides for just Euro 150.– (Extended Package in English language 6.6 GB). The limited version on Heavy Transport & Lifting on Land is available now for only € 100.– (3 GB)

A detailed FULL COLOUR Hand-out is included of all presentations, as well as my “Heavy Transport & Lifting” articles (54) as one pdf file (160 pages).Connaught13ETransport
More income and self-confidence are within reach.

“Heavy Transport & Lift” Seminar really took off!! 



End Oct. 2009, the  English Two Day Seminar on “Heavy Lift Transport & Lifting” was given in The Netherlands.  In this Two day course Richard Krabbendam explained the basic principles on heavy transport and lifting. More then 109 Seminars are presented since May 2008.
With an introduction on Forces and Masses, he soon jumped on to the real things in explaning three- and four point suspension systems on platform trailers, stability of trailers as well as stability of cranes and loads. In the second day he continues on Maintenance and Inspection issues, Cost estimates, Project Planning, Skidding & Jacking Techniques, Load-outs of extreme Heavy Loads and Safety & Risk Analysis. Also a number of accidents are analysed in order to avoid makeing the same mistakes again.

All participants were handed over a 200 page FULL COLOUR Hand-out (2 slides/page) containing all the 377 slides presented during the course.

The course was well received by the 38 participants during the two Day Seminar in Oct. 2009. Participants came from Insurance Companies, manufacturers, crane and transport companies, freight forwarders, classification societies, offshore contractors, consultancies and ranked from machine operators, instructors, project engineers, commercial representatives to planners and company directors. At the end of the second day a multiple choice test was done by all participants. A Certificate will be issued to all participants

“In Company” Seminars in English or in Dutch on request

This Seminar is practical and focused on employees (from operator, supervisor to project manager / director, Marine Warantee surveyors etc.) in the heavy lift transport- and crane rental business.34TransportColumn580Ts copy

By means of extensive Power Point presentations and Video footage you will be shown how it should not be done and how it can be carried out correctly.

A FULL COLOUR Hand-out of all presentations will be given to participants. This Hand-out is a detailed book which can be used as a Reference book after the Seminar and contains a lot of tips and tricks as well as pictures and sketches.

During the two day Seminar you will get an inside view of the heavy lift transport- and lifting branch.

There is sufficient opportunity for questions.

Coffee, thea , lunch on both days as well as drinks and dinner on first evening are included.

This is an ideal way of Networking!!

Picture Gallery of Heavy Lifting Cranes, Transport & Lifting


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