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Heavy Lift Specialist was established by Richard Krabbendam in 2011, when he has retired from Jumbo and started to work as a independent Heavy Lift Consultant / Engineer. Aiming for improving safety in the Transport, Lifting, Shipping & Offshore Industry, Richard started organizing seminars and courses since 2008, in which he transfer his profound experience and know-how to others in the industry.

The Seminar / Master Class has been presented over 100 times in 26 countries, and more then 2200 participants have gained their knowledge.

We hope our articles, videos and Seminar/Masterclass will assist you in developing your career.


Dear visitor,

My name is Richard Krabbendam. I have worked more than 22 years as Heavy Lift Specialist with Jumbo Shipping, a Rotterdam based Heavy Lift Shipping Company and market leader in the field of heavy transport overseas. Since I retired from Jumbo in 2011, I  have entered a new phase of my working career, and keep myself busy in transferring my experience and know-how by means of 2, 3, or 4 Day Seminars / Masterclasses “Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping & Offshore”. In addition, I work as freelance consultant for the Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping and Offshore Industry.

I started my career 43 years ago after my study at the University of Technology in Delft as a mechanical engineer. In 1973, I started working with Big Lift in Dordrecht. End 1979, Big Lift was taken over by Mammoet Transport and 6 months later, I founded together with a good friend and colleague of mine Joop Roodenburg the Engineering Consultancy firm ITREC. After 7 years of hard work, I decided to change my career again from joint owner/director of ITREC, and go back to the heavy lift transport- and lifting branch as employee and started working for an old client of mine: Van Seumeren. ITREC then merged with Huisman, specialist in the design and construction of mast cranes, offshore pipe lay systems and amusement park rides.

After 2 years working with van Seumeren with great pleasure, whereby we both have learned a lot from each other, Jumbo Shipping asked me in 1989 to join them and set up a so called Jumbo Land department, part of Jumbo Logistics, who takes care of the transport of heavy lifts from the vessel up to foundation. I was responsible for the organization and execution of complex lifting- and transport projects. Particularly in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, but also Argentina, Denmark, Venezuela, USA, India and many other countries were part of my work area. In 2001, I was asked to use my knowledge and experience to start a new activity within Jumbo: the present Jumbo Offshore.

During my working career, I have written more then 61 articles on Heavy Transport & Lifting, which were published in the trade magazines: “International Cranes” and “Heavy Lift Project Forwarding International” and to which you can subscribe free of charge via my website: www.heavyliftspecialist.com/subscribe-to-articles-and-updates/

In order to improve Safety in the Transport, Lifting, Shipping & Offshore Industry, I started organizing Seminars and courses since2008, in which I transfer my experience and know- how to others in the Industry. I believe the knowledge you find in this website and my Seminar / Masterclass will assist you in developing your future career. It can be of great help when you have learned the basic principles of Handling Heavy Lifts Safely.

Finally, I want to thank all of you, who have made pictures available to me and especially my wife Tonnie for her patience and support!


Richard L.Krabbendam

Jan. 2016