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Feb 262014

Cranes in the hands of amateurs can turn into Deadly weapons!! Man Dies as Crane Collapses at Wedding in India

The conical platform with the bride and her sister

The conical platform with the bride and her sister

Man Dies As Crane Collapses at Wedding in India [RAW]

Published on 25 feb. 2014

Man Dies as Crane Collapses at Wedding in India
1 died, 4 injured in crane collapse at wedding venue.

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Feb 162014

This is the failure of an overhead crane in the Netherlands.

Overhead Crane Failure – Drops 75 Tons!

uploaded on 2 nov 2009

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I received this video in an email a while back. I am not sure of the exact details. If anyone has any further information as to what exactly caused the failure or any information on the damage it caused, let me know!

Comment of Heavy Lift Specialist:

As can be seen in the Aftermath, the coupling segments on the drive unit of the winch broke. Why that happened, I do not know, it could be: bad workmanship during constrcution of the coupling, bad material, fatigue, overload or corrosion.

Lessons learned:  NEVER WALK OR STAND UNDER A LOAD!! as these unexpected failures can happen any moment!

Feb 042014

On the video below you can see how to crash a ferry. The M/F Ostend Spirit also known as the MS Pride of Calais was planned to go for scrap and recycling.

FerryScrapBeachingMost of the work of the ferry was going back and forth across the English Channel. The time to be scraped had come, the vessel was no longer needed.


Video shows how the M/F Ostend Spirit is arriving in a unique style at the ship breaking yard in Turkey. The vessel will be broken down, piece by piece.

M/F OstendSpirit – SelimSan – Beeching / Aliaga

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Dec 172013

Grua del Metro de Caracas se desploma en las mercedes (tamanaco sur)




gruas callendo en el metro de caracas

Published on 15 dec 2013

On the heels of overseeing the collapse of a crane in one of Brazil’s new World Cup stadiums, the Brazilian company Odebrecht continues to wreak havoc in construction sites all over the continent.

This time, armageddon happened in the future Las Mercedes station of the Caracas Metro, as the video shows.

I guess when you’re a firm that doesn’t compete on the merits, when you don’t participate in public tenders that force you to be on your game but, rather, you succeed thanks to the connections of your country’s political patrons … well, stuff like this happens. Regardless, the Odebrecht-ization of our country continues, and while this makes us get verklempt, it also gives us a tiny bit of schadenfreude. SOURCE: CaracasCronicles

The incident occurred at the site of the Tamanaco station on Line five of the Caracas Metro, miraculously no one was hurt or injured.

We understand that the cranes, reportedly two 100 tonne Liebherr LTM1100-5 owned by Grúas y Transporte Libertador, were working from opposite sides of a large access shaft, and tandem lifting a large truss beam onto the top of the shaft, when the outriggers on one crane sank into the ground causing it to overturn and then pulling the other crane over. SOURCE; Vertikal.Net


Dec 022013
Westdoc – 14 augustus 2011 – De Koersk

Published on 15 aug 2011

Zondag 14 augustus 2011: De Koersk. De Koersk is een documentaire van RTV Utrecht over de spectaculaire berging van de Russische atoomonderzeeër Koersk, die op 12 augustus 2000 zonk in de Barentszzee. Met zijn herverkiezing in aantocht, deed president Poetin de belofte dat de Koersk snel zou worden geborgen. Hij zocht en vond Mammoet, het familiebedrijf van Jan en Frans van Seumeren uit het Utrechtse plaatsje De Meern. Jan bedenkt in zijn badkuip een revolutionair plan.

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Nov 052013

Maplewood emergency personnel were called to the scene of a deadly construction accident at the St. Paul Hmong Alliance Church on Monday after a crane tipped onto its side.

AccidentCraneMAPLEWOOD, Minn. (KMSP) -

The emergency call came just after noon from the construction site located at 1770 McMenemy Street.

Emergency responders were able to provide medical care to the victim, identified as 34-year-old Cory Lewellin, of Ogilvie, Minn., while they worked to free him from the cab.

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