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Four Day extensive Seminar in Singapore Seminar completed

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Nov 042016


Alle delegates enjoyed the way Richard showed “How to handle Heavy Lifts Safely”. By means of simple timber models, Richard explained to this group the three Laws of Newton and How forces can be controlled and incidents and accidents can be avoided.

If you missed this Seminar, Register NOW for the Brisbane Seminar from 7-9 Nov. 2016 in Australia. There are still places available.

Contact Mrs. Nathalie Ong or Joan Dee Lim for details.  e-mail: natalie.ong@olygen.com or lim.joandee@olygen.com

I look forward meeting you at the Seminar in Brisbane.

See pictures below:

The class taking the evaluation Test. Everyone gets a Certificate, depending on their Score.

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“In Company” Seminar completed at Linde AG in Munich

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Oct 202016

img_639219 Oct. 2016

During the past two days, Richard L.Krabbendam, presented his well know Seminar “Heavy Transport, Lifting & Shipping” to the Logistical Department of Linde AG in Munich.

A group of 14 persons, participated in the Seminar and as can be seen from the evaluation sheet enjoyed what Richard had to say.

12 Chapters were presented and at the end of the second Day an evaluation test was done. Every delegate will receive a Certificate, depending on the test score.

In case you also want to learn “How to handle Heavy Lifts Safely”, Register now  for the upcoming Seminars in Singapore from 1-4 Nov. 2016 or in Brisbane from 7-9 Nov. 2016.

Check out the details on www.heavyliftspecialist.com or send an e-mail to mrs. Joan Dee Lim of Olygen, the organizer of the Seminars. e-mail: lim.joandee@olygen.com

I look forward seeing you at the next Seminar, either in S’pore, Brisbane or Delft the Netherlands (8-10 Feb. 2017)

See the pictures below of the successful Linde Seminar:

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Video: -Guidance- “Lifting a Load with several mobile cranes (Multiple Lifting)”

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Sep 142016

cranetippedover9Below an extract with some Guidance for de-rating crane capacity when multiple crane lifts are executed.  For the Complete Document click HERE

It clearly describes that the de-rating of a crane is depending on the location of the lift points in relation to the CoG of the load.

During my carreer, I have planned and supervised a lot of multiple crane lifts and provided the correct lift plan is made and provisions are taken to monitor the forces in the lift blocks of all cranes, it can be done safely.

See pictures and videos below:

Lifting a 200 Tons Pressure vessel onto a table top foundation using a Demag TC-2000 and 200 Tons Hydraulic tail crane

Watch the video below:


Lifting of a 420 Tons pressure vessel with two Demag TC-3000 cranes and a CC-2000 tail crane. An inclinometer was fitted to the skirt of the column to monitor the exact level between both lifting trunions.

Watch the Video below:

Gepubliceerd op 28 aug. 2016

A Historical video of the complex transport and erection of a large column for DSM in the Netherlands, back in 1988 executed by Van Seumeren.

It involved the load-out and roll-on into the Lastdrager 19 of a large 63 m long column and a weight of 420 tons from the small town of Goes in the West of the Netherlands, via the inland waterways to Urmond, in Limburg. There the column was rolled off and transported to the jobsite and subsequently erected using two Demag TC-3000 cranes and a CC2000 tail crane.

Watch another multiple Crane lift of some heavy and long refinery collums below:

Gepubliceerd op 24 mrt. 2012

Back in 1989, Van Seumeren Holland erected 10 large refinery columns at the Finaneste Oil Refinery in Antwerp.

As there was in those days not a single crane available that could lift this heavy and large column of 82 m length and a weight of 512 tons, it was decided to use two Demag TC-3000 cranes and a CC-2000 crane tail crane.

A swiveling inclinometer was installed at the skirt end of the column in order to monitor the exact horizontally of both lifting trunnions while the column was being erected. To learn more about this check out www.heavyliftspecialist.com

Stability of the Load, when lifting from lift points below the CoG

A Storage tank is lifted with both heavy lift mast cranes from the Jumbo heavy Lift vessel.

The lifting slings are long enough to create a stable lift.

In case you want to know more about Stability of the Load click HERE and purchase the Seminar Slides Package 

The example below, shows that it can go completely wrong, when these basic rules are not absorbed.

Mobile Harbor crane was lifted with insufficient stability and toppled while being offloaded. More details and video of this incident in the Seminar Slides package Click HERE

Be very carefull when using these kind of lift beams and when you are lifting from lift points below the CoG.  The load will topple and is unstable as can be seen in above picture. Learn more HERE

When lifting loads from lift points above the CoG, it will always be a stable load and when distances between the lift points and CoG are far apart the load variations in both cranes are minimal.

Below the Guideline as published by ESTA

For Information at http:/www.fem-eur.com

“Pioneering Spirit” Departure Rotterdam Largest vessel in the world!

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Aug 092016

Photo: The Heavy Lift Specialist©

Crowds of people turned out to watch as the world’s largest vessel, Allseas’ “Pioneering Spirit”, departed Rotterdam Saturday morning 6 August 2016.

Allseas’ record-breaking single-lift installation/decommissioning and pipelay vessel has been moored in Rotterdam’s Alexiahaven since January 2015 for installation, commissioning and testing of the topsides lift system.

Pioneering Spirit Rotterdam15

Photo: The Heavy Lift Specialist©

“Pioneering Spirit” will now head to the Southern North Sea to perform offshore trials throughout August, which will include a series of test platform topsides installation and removal exercises under varying weather conditions.

After the successful completion of offshore trials, “Pioneering Spirit” is expected to sail north to the Yme field, offshore Norway, to remove the 13,500 t Yme mobile offshore production unit (MOPU) for Repsol.

Following removal of the Yme platform, “Pioneering Spirit” will return to Rotterdam where the remaining four topsides lifting beams will be installed for the Shell Brent Delta topsides removal, scheduled for the summer of 2017.  SOURCE: Allseas

Photos above: Allseas©

Watch the video and pictures below:

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Planned Seminars 2014

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Apr 112014

BreakbulkAntwerp2014Since 2008, I have presented the two day Seminar/MasterclassHeavy Transport & Lifting” to more than seventeen hundred persons in 22 countries worldwide: Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, UK, Norway, Netherlands, Turkey, USA, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, U.A.E, Singapore, China, Monaco, Belgium, Uruguay, Spain, Poland, India, Egypt and South Africa

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Lifting works at second wooden bridge highway A7 Sneek

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Dec 232011

Lifting works at second wooden bridge highway A7 Sneek, Netherlands by Wagenborg Nedlift

 Highway A7 is already under construction for a while. Back in 2008, a remarkably designed wooden bridge was placed across the highway. A few days ago, the assembly works for a new wooden bridge, the second one, took place. A nice piece of lifting works, carried out by 6 heavy mobile cranes: 2 times 200 tons crane, one 250 tons crane, one 300 tons crane and 2 times a 500 tons crane. Together, they carefully placed the wooden bows of each 120 tons on the (wooden!) bridge deck. A precise piece of work, everything has to fit exactly. The crane operators were a real team working together very closely, which resulted in a smooth lifting operation and of course some nice pictures of all red/white cranes. During the night of 20/21 November, the complete bridge of 320 tons will be placed onto foundation. 192 wheels of SPMT trailers will be used to realize this next challenge.

 Please find more information about the A7 Sneek project at www.a7sneek.nl

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Westdijk Special Transport

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Dec 232011
Westdijk Special Transport, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands

This Huisman PMOC (Pedestal Mounted Offshore Crane was loaded  in Sviadnov CZ and transported by road to Schiedam, The Netherlands (approx. 12oo kms)

Dimensions of cargo:  20,00 x 4,88 x 4,40    105 ton

Overall dimensions of transport combination: (L x W x H) = 37,00 x 4,88 x 4,47    190 ton

Rotrans South Africa Transported a Trafo

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Dec 232011
ROTRANS + ALE in South Africa 
Rotrans South Africa Transported a Trafo of 12m (l) x 4.5m (w) x 5m (h) 357 ton  over Slope gradients of max 14% from Richards Bay (sea level) up mid point 1850 m above and back down to inland to Lephalale at 800m above (1200km) averaging 50km a day.  A special bridge girder to spread this enormous load was used from ALE Heavy Lift. See pictures below:

Transport and lifting works at Moerdijk, Holland

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Dec 232011

Wagenborg Nedlift

Transport and lifting works at Moerdijk, Holland

At the site of Essent’s new powerplant in Moerdijk, Wagenborg Nedlift has been quite active with heavy equipment lately. First of all, the boiler modules of the new boiler unit were installed. With weights up to 243 ton per unit, Wagenborg Nedlift provided a 750 tons and a 350 tons crawler to do the job. Together with the Spanish construction company of the power plant, these lifting works were carried out completely according to schedule. In the meanwhile, a heavy transformer sailed from Korea to Moerdijk. It was a challenge to get this giant of 278 tons onto foundation. Wagenborg Nedlift’s hydraulic lifting gantry was perfect fit for the job and within hours, the transformer was put in place.

See pictures below:

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