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Richard L. Krabbendam

Dec 152013

HOCHTIEF Solutions commissioned a further powerful jack-up vessel for the construction of offshore wind farms.

Hochtief 349-15-12-2013

In the company of around 300 guests from the European offshore market the ship named VIDAR was commissioned in Bremerhaven on December 12, the company said in its press release.

The jack-up vessel was developed especially for construction and servicing of offshore wind farms and oil and gas plants at sea. Thanks to its large deck surface, its high deck cargo and the powerful 1,200-ton crane, the ship is ideal for the safe and fast assembly of foundations and components for wind farms in the North Sea and Baltic. VIDAR can install latest-generation wind turbines of all dimensions at water depths up to 50 metres.

HOCHTIEF has chartered the jack-up vessel to a client even before completion, it will be used for blade installation at the North Sea wind farm Global Tech I from December 2013. Continue reading “HOCHTIEF Solutions commissions further offshore jack-up vessel” »

Dec 152013

During lifting operations, while salvaging a German Mine hunter, which sank during WW2, the Sheerlegs collapsed.

Bergse Maas 349-15-12-2013

The Sheerlegs BERGSE MAAS lifting a part of a German minehunter which sank in the Veerse meer ( The Netherlands) Photo: Hans van der Linden….www.aerolin.nl….. @Aerolin Photo BV ©

The floating sheerleg BERGSE MAAS which was lifting ( see above) December 9th at the Veerse Meer in The Netherlands the second part of the engine room of the German minehunter MFP-920-DM , Continue reading “SHEERLEGS BERGSE MAAS COLLAPSED” »

Dec 152013

Heerema Fabrication Group’s Vlissingen yard in the Netherlands today celebrated the ceremonial first cut steel of the Gina Krog jacket, the largest launch jacket ever built at HFG for client Statoil Petroleum AS and destined for the Gina Krog field development in the central part of the North Sea.

Gina Krog SteelCutting 349-15-12-2013Mr Svein Olav Høyland, Asset owner Representative of Statoil, performed the first cut of steel, which will be used to build the 17,000 tons Gina Krog jacket. The steel cutting took place at the yard of Heerema Fabrication Group (HFG) in Vlissingen (the Netherlands), where the jacket will be built. The Gina Krog jacket will be the largest launch jacket ever to be constructed at HFG’s Vlissingen fabrication facility.

The jacket will be approximately 142 meters tall with a footprint of 60 x 50 meters and a top of 42.5 x 26.25 meters. The approximately 250 tons weighing pre-drilling wellhead module of 16 x 17 x 4 meters, will accommodate the phased development of the Gina Krog field and will be integrated into the topsides cellar deck. The project award to HFG in February 2013 followed the successfully completed FEED study of the jacket by HFG’s engineering firm, HFG Engineering. Recently HFG Engineering completed the detailed design of the jacket main structure after which the construction of this record breaking 17,000 tons jacket started at Heerema Vlissingen. The delivery of the jacket and PDM (pre-drilling module) is scheduled for sail away in April 2015. Continue reading “HEEREMA FABRICATION GROUP STARTS CONSTRUCTION GINA KROG JACKET” »

Dec 122013

Today the 12th of December 2013, the latest Seminar / Masterclass “Heavy Transport & Lifting” was presented by Richard L.Krabbendam (The Heavy Lift Specialist)  in Mumbai to a class of 31 participants from 6 different countries.

The majority coming from India, but also from Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Vietnam and Bangladesh

The next Breakbulk Seminar/Masterclass “Heavy Transport & Lifting is scheduled in Johannesburg, SA on the 27+28th of January 2014. Click here to register

See pictures below:

P1080520 Continue reading “The latest Seminar/Masterclass “Heavy Transport & Lifting” completed in Mumbai today.” »

Dec 112013

Under development at Terex Cranes in Germany is a spectacular new boom system to vastly increase the capability of the 1,600 tonne capacity CC 8800-1 lattice boom crawler crane,IC has learned exclusively.

The Terex Boom Booster for the CC 8800-1 crawler crane almost doubles capacity in some areas of its lifting chart

The Terex Boom Booster for the CC 8800-1 crawler crane almost doubles capacity in some areas of its lifting chart

Information seen by IC indicates that in certain long boom combinations the capacity increase with the new Boom Booster option is 90 % or more, i.e. virtually double that of the standard boom set up. At short radii, where this machine is typically used for erecting refinery vessels, wind turbines and similar heavy and tall or high structures, this will be a huge advantage. It will allow heavier components to be lifted from ground level where it is safer to do the assembly work. Continue reading “Big boom upgrade for Terex CC 8800-1” »

Dec 082013

Back in the 1990s, a team of visionaries started planning a floating city of 50,000 to 100,000 people, with shops, restaurants, and other amenities, that would travel the globe and let people spend their entire lives at sea. 

FreedomShip01 342-08-12-2013

Named Freedom Ship International, the project was the brainchild of a Florida engineer named Norman Nixon. “As soon as we get this joker built we’re going to retire and live on it for two years,” he bragged in 2002. 

That never happened. The ambitious project struggled to attract venture capital and was abandoned after the financial crisis. Nixon himself passed away last year. Things could be about to change for Freedom Ship International, however. Roger Gooch, part of the original team that worked with Nixon, recently sensed a change in the economic climate and decided to try to revive the idea. Gooch, 60, is a marketing man by training (he also formerly owned an insurance company and worked in the travel industry), so he thought he’d do what he did best and get the idea some press. After a few interviews, the idea was back in the spotlight again.

“It’s gone viral on the Internet,” Gooch told Business Insider with a laugh. “In the last three or four days we’ve been inundated with emails and responses and stuff, most of them have — quite truthfully — been very favourable.”

The press is important, Gooch explains, as the company needs to get past the biggest hurdle — the truly astronomical price tag of the Freedom Ship. Gooch estimates that the project would have a budget of $US9-10 billion ($9.93-11.0 billion), but he says it would provide a good return on investment.

Thanks to the new-found attention, Gooch says, a number of private investors have contacted him about the idea, though no venture capital firms have reached out so far. He says his team is now interested in partnering with “notable or established private maritime entities” and has also floated the idea of what he called a “constructive equity capitalisation” — wherein the vendors he would use to construct the Freedom Ship would be given equity in the finished product for discounts of services and goods.

The plans for the Freedom Ship are certainly audacious. The 1.6km-long and 25-storey-high ship would circle the planet every two years, spending roughly 70 per cent of its time moored outside major cities and ports (it will be too big to enter most ports, so residents can fly to and from the shore from the Freedom Ship’s onboard airport).

On board, the floating ship would have its own economy, with tens of thousands of people working in shops, bars, and other businesses, and everyone on board paying a maintenance fee to support infrastructure such as security services and fire fighters.

Gooch is adamant, however, that the project is feasible, and points out that technically the idea of a city on a boat is a misnomer — the Freedom Ship is actually a “super platform”.  Continue reading “‘City on a ship’ plan refloated” »

Dec 062013

Is this the answer for Offshore yards to move their Modules around on the yard and onto Barges?NBR Crawler

NBR Crawler Präsentation

All NBR crawler transporters are developed in such a way, that the load is supported by a hydraulic compensation cylinder in the center of the transporter. In this way the NBR crawler transporter can be driven under any support point of the load to be moved.

With the hydraulic support cylinder the load can lifted from the building supports and be equalized between three crawler transporters and moved in a synchronized mode and make turns as needed. Max stroke of suspensions cylinder is 400 – 680 mm (depending on type selected).

The building heights vary between 1500 and 2250 mm. PowerPack cap. is between 240 and 580 Kw. Under full load the max. speed is 0.53 km/hr.

Verbundfahrt mit Nivellierung

Continue reading “Are NBR Crawlers an alternative for SPMT’s for load-outs of Modules???” »