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Rigging & Engineering Basics

  • Author: Keith Anderson
  • 438 pages, 8.5″ x 11″
  • Softbound
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When you pass a construction job site, what do you invariably see? Crane booms. When someone wants to illustrate “construction”, pictures of what do they reach for? Cranes. Cranes are the visible indicator of lifting activities. Lifting is everywhere in construction, everything you remove or add has to be handled, sometimes multiple times.Then there is lifting in general industry, in steel works, in fabrication, in routine handling at docks and so on. As well as being universal, lifting is also one of the most hazardous activities routinely encountered on a construction job. This book is intended to inform people planning rigging operations and point them in the direction of best practice, to alert them to pitfalls and how to avoid them, to instruct in how to do certain basic rigging engineering tasks.


I have read the book and it really is a very comprehensive book on Fundamentals in Lifting, Engineering Basics (in Metric as well as Imperial system),  Center of Gravity, Cranes and Derricks, Load spreading, Reading Crane Load charts, Lifting Tackle, Slings, Shackles, Lifting Lug design, Tandem Lifts, Vessel Up-ending Techniques, Load sharing & Equalization arrangements and Preparation of a Lift plan. A Total of 26 Chapters and over 400 Pages, well illustrated with drawings and pictures!

Rigging Engineering Basics





  • Author: Marco van Daal
  • 6.25″ x 9.5″, hardbound
  • 411 pages

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A must have reference guide and engineer base for the safe execution of all heavy transports. In easy to understand English, this book contains hundreds of color pictures of actual transports which aid in the understanding of the various subjects. Over 400 pages of background information, both mathematical, as well as historical, are included. Whether you are a heavy transport engineer, field personnel, site/operations manager, project/rigging or site engineer, cargo owner, shipper, surveyors or consultant, this book is a must for anyone who moves heavy transports. Every section covers one topic. The topic sequence is logical and builds up towards a complete coverage of all heavy transport aspects. Topics include: Hydraulic stability calculations, structural stability calculations, axle groups/suspension, dunnage & lashing, external forces such as wind, curve impact, center of gravity, and more.


You will get a 400 page book with all the engineering details on trailer stability, suspension points, Lashing and securing of cargo on trailers, forces etc. It explains everything in great detail you need to know about Heavy Transport, backed up with a lot of examples and illustrated with many colour pictures and figures.


The Art of Heavy Transport