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The complete set of slides


The complete set of slides + Hand-outs of the two day “Heavy Transport & Lifting” Seminar/Masterclass and as a Bonus 11 + 47 Video Fragments/films, 50 Articles (149 pages), Safety, Accidents, Animations etc. at only
€ 100.–




Since  2008, being the pioneer in “Heavy Transport & Lifting” Seminars, I have presented the two day Seminar “Heavy Transport & Lifting” to more than 1700 persons in 22 countries: Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Egypt, India, China, Germany, UK, France, Uruguay, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Turkey, USA, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, U.A.E, Spain, Singapore,  Russia and South Africa.

On behalf of BREAKBULK USA,  I will present the two day UPDATED Seminar/Masterclass “Heavy Transport & Lifting” in  Houston (29+30 Sept. 2014), Istanbul (20+21 Nov. 2014), Johannesburg (16+17 Feb. 2015) and Antwerp (18+19 May 2015). More details will be published by Breakbulk as well as on my website.

If you can’t wait that long, or you want to have the full package available for your own company, to train and educate your staff right now in “How to handle Heavy Lifts Safely”,  you can purchase the latest updated version of all 11 presentations  in digital pdf format. (Total of 377 slides which can be presented in 2317 individual steps).

In total you will get more then 2.9 GB (to be downloaded in three separate packages) of Seminar Slides, Hand-outs, 50 Articles, Questions and video fragments (11 + 47 videos) showing how it should and how it should not be done!!

The 47 video fragments relate to the relevant pdf slide in the presenstation, i.e. : Video TDS02Slide24AccidentTruck-Norway.mp4 = TwoDaySeminarChapter02Slide24 Video on accident of sliding trailer off mountain.

All videos are now in mp4 format and can be used in updated Windows Mediaplayer as well as in Mac Platform (iPad, iPhone, iMac etc.) 

See below all  47 videos per slide, as presented in the Seminar slides:



In this way a lot more persons can benefit from my work and learn the basics of moving and lifting Heavy Items safely.

All previous buyers can contact me for a Free update of the latest version (June 2014) of all the Seminar slides and Videos.

The updated package is available NOW, incl. 11 + 47 video fragments of examples of how it should and should not be done, after successful payment.   


It Contains below shown Pdf+Video files, which can be easily UNZIPPED:



Start today and EDUCATE & TRAIN yourself and operating staff and teach them the basic principles of handling Heavy Lifts Safely.

– How do I select the right Platformtrailer or SPMT  for the load?

– How do I quickly estimate the forces in the lifting slings?

– How do I calculate the average ground load under an SPMT or Hydraulic Platform trailer?

– How do I improve Safety in my Organization?

– How can a heavy Column being lifted safely in using two main lift cranes and a tail crane?

– How do I calculate the Center of Gravity?

– How do I select the right spreader beam?

– What is trailer stability?

– What is the critical trailer stability?

– How do I make a Liftplan?

– How do I calculate saddle loads?

– What are Newtons, Kilograms, Tons  and when do I use them?

– What are forces and how can I control them?

and much more can be found in this complete digital package

Pay the fee of € 150.– and you will automatically receive an e-mail with all details how to download 836 Mb of digital files containing all my 377 Seminar slides (as presentable slides STEP by STEP approx. 4-8 steps /slide : 1 slide = 1 landscape page and as hand-outs 2 slides/page). Total 2318 steps!!

As a separate video file you will get the full version of the historical video  “Lifting the Big Ones” (62 min.), showing 10 individual  lifting projects and explaining the techniques of lifting large refinery columns and pressure vessels safely  + 11 BONUS VIDEOS!!!. Also two Excel files will be included, so you can quickly calculate the tailload during lifting of a pressure vessel or check the boom clearance.

  • Multiple crane lifts
  • Guyless gantry lift system
  • Large crawler cranes
  • Tailing devices
  • Various Crane types (Terex-Demag, Liebherr, Manitowoc, American Hoist)
  • Various Transport equipment (SPMT’s , Cometto, Scheuerle, Nicolas, Kamag, Goldhofer)


The number of articles, I have written has expanded as well and are now included in the package (4 EXTRA ARTICLES= 14 PAGES MORE)

The 50 articles Heavy Transport & Lifting are indexed as below:


Index 50 ArticlesAll Articles together contain a total of 149 pages of valuable information on Heavy Transport & Lifting Techniques, which can be used in combination with the Seminar Slides

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All Chapters below can be presented per chapter in full screen STEP by STEP :


All these slides can be presented STEP by STEP (2318 steps) in full screen and are available as 1 slide per page (landscape) in full colour.

The above 11 presentations can be downloaded as a ZIP file (74 Mb) containing 12 pdf files (one file for each chapter).  In addition there is the ZIP file for a printed Hand-out with 2 slides/page (68 Mb).

All Hand-outs and Presentations and training material can easily be downloaded as one large zip file (836 Mb) and unzipped in separate files.  With it you will also have the evaluation test with 30 questions.

Below are the Chapters in the Hand-Out Zip File:


In case you encounter difficulties in ordering or downloading the files, send and e-mail to: heavyliftspecialist@gmail.com