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Oct 082013

The crew of a Subsea 7 vessel off the coast of Equatorial Guinea have become an internet sensation thanks to their homemade music video.

Aberdeen man Darren Flynn enlisted the help of his shipmates on board the BOURBON PERIDOT to perform Toto’s 1983 hit Africa while at sea off Luba.   Now the video has become a smash hit on Facebook, with oil barrels, pumps and even fish standing in for musical instruments as the vessel’s crew mime to the song.

The BOURBON PERIDOT – Photo : Duane Sanders ©

The BOURBON PERIDOT – Photo : Duane Sanders ©

"Africa" by Toto, Performed by the Crew of the Bourbon Peridot, West Africa 2013.

Published on 2 Oct 2013

Our own version of the music video for “Africa” by Toto we made on our boat in Equatorial Guinea in West Africa.

“I did the first couple of scenes with Subsea 7 guys, and then a couple of other guys on the boat thought it was good so they also wanted in,” he told Energy Voice. “As the thing progressed more and more people wanted in, from the captain to the company representative.” The 33-year-old, who works as an ROV pilot supervisor on the ship, shot the video on a camera he had taken with him to Equatorial Guinea to try and repair. “I got it fixed and thought I should do a couple of test videos,” he said.

“It worked, so I thought I should give it a good test and make a funny video whilst on our time off. Obviously its good to have stuff to do on our down time. I filmed a couple of shots and thought about making a music video. We decided on “Africa” by Toto as this is where we work. “The reaction has been great. When we knock off shift all the boys kept asking if I’d done any more.”

Darren, who moved to London from Aberdeen two years ago, had worked in the North Sea oil industry for a decade before heading South. The video has now become a huge hit on Facebook and YouTube – and the crew are already keen to try their hand at a follow up. “Everyone was keen to get involved and the ideas were always flying around the rec rooms in the evenings,” said Darren. “Everyone on the boat has been humming the tune for the last month too.

I’m just worried we all end up hating the song, we’ve listened to it so much.” Watch the video above:

Comment Heavy Lift Specialist:

Great work!! Keep up creativity, in many instances working on an Offshore Installation or other support vessel 24/7 is not easy, there are times that operations cannot continue due to weather circumstances, and what do you do in your 12 hours off time?  That is when some crew members get bored, as they want to go on with their job and complete the project they are assigned to as quickly and safely as possible.

But………. there certainly is time and  there are facilities on board to become creative as shown in above video clip!!

When creative crew members stimulate their crew members to participate in  doing a “Playback” of a famous song, I heartily welcome this.

Anyone nowadays with a  camcorder or even a smartphone can shoot video in HD resolution and edit it to a video clip on a Laptop computer with a non linear video editing program, worth watching by hundred thousands of people.

But it is the creativity of the video editor/filmer, what he makes of it. Everyone seems to enjoy it and break the daily routine. Darren congratulations: WELL DONE!!

Already back in 2009, the Jumbo Fairplayer crew created this viral during the Cascade Chinook project in the Gulf of Mexico.

Keep the spirits up guys!! I look forward to more creations soon. Please do mail me the link!!

Richard L.Krabbendam

Uploaded on 10 Dec 2009

The crew of Jumbo’s mv Fairplayer singing the best Offshore song ever!!!