Heavy Lift Specialist
Nov 242013

Chinese crane manufacturer Zoomlion has completed a 7,500 tonne/metre overload test of its 2000 tonne QAY2000 All Terrain crane.

Zoomlion's 2000 tonne QAY2000 All Terrain crane

Zoomlion’s 2000 tonne QAY2000 All Terrain crane

The crane, first seen at Bauma China in late 2012, spent the summer undergoing heavy-load operating testing on the nine plus three axle chassis at Zoomlion’s facility in Quantang, following a two-month road and type test at the China National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision testing centre in Xibozi, Beijing.

The crane then completed a 6,000 tonne/metre overload test on October 24th, before attempting the 7,500 tonne/metre overload test on November 4th. The company says that the crane successfully lifted a 750 tonne load at a radius of 10 metros. SOURCE: Vertikal.net