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Dec 222011

10Jan2014 Safety&RiskAnalysis2DayUK 46 pages.027

10. Safety and Risk Analysis   (46 slides)

    • History of Jumbo’s Safety Policy
    • Part of QHSE Policy Statement
    • Slips and Falls cause the majority of injuries on board ship
    • What is right and what is wrong in these pictures: ” SPOT THE DANGER”
    • Excessive noise can damage your hearing
    • Accidents still happen
    • Safety Improvement Program
    • Safety: Culture, Planning, Procedures
    • Safety Awareness: Culture Ladder
    • The Iceberg theory
    • Tools to improve Safety: The “Deming” Circle
    • How do we Record & Analyse
    • Some Definitions
    • What are our goals?
    • Safety Culture and Awareness
    • How?
    • Use Proper PPE = Personal Protective Equipment
    • Reduce 20% of Causes and you reduce 80% of all accidents
    • Keep Welding and cutting equipment in good condition
    • Use Proper PPE = Personal Protective Equipment
    • PPE  and good accessible lifting points
    • Accident & Incident Reporting and Analysis
    • Safety Requirements & Procedures
    • Risk Matrix
    • The theory of the Swiss Cheese
    • Guideline Job Hazard Analysis
    • Job Hazard Analysis
    • Safety Awareness Posters
    • Is it all OK?
    • Indentification of Hazards
    • Why, When and How a “Toolbox Meeting”
    • Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA)
    • Co-operation with client is essential
    • Examples of well secured Transport saddles
    • Examples of badly  secured Transport saddles
    • Conclusion

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