Heavy Lift Specialist
Dec 222011

02Jan2014 Forces+Masses2Day UK 33 pages.018

2. Forces, Mass and Center of Gravity   (33 slides)

  • Difference between mass (kg) and force (N)
  • Standard triangles
  • First & Second Law of Newton, Force F = m x a
  • Composing of forces
  • Principle of equilibrium
  • Principle of CoG
  • Principle of moment
  • Forces on the load
  • Wind forces (video shots on accidents due to windforce)
  • Water force
  • Accelerations and Decelerations
  • Friction forces
  • Forces on vessels
  • Important angles
  • Calculation of weights
  • Estimating of Weight of different loads
  • Ratio between mass and volume of different loads
  • Essential information for Transport & Lifting Projects

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