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Heavy Lift Specialist Seminars

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Feb 042019

Seminar agenda

  • 30 April, 1 & 2 May – Public Seminar Rotterdam
  • 2, 3 & 4 October – Public Seminar Rotterdam

More information about the seminars can be found here.

About Heavy Lift Specialist

Heavy Lift Specialist Richard Krabbendam started organizing seminars and courses since 2008 to improve the Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping & Offshore industries. In the training course hem together with Marcel Vosse and Toon Bonjer, tranfers their experience and know-how to others in the industry. Heavy Lift Specialist offers two type of seminars:

  • Public Seminars: organized throughout the year, attend individually.
  • Company Seminars: Venue, date and time chosen by you with delegates from your company. Contact Heavy Lift Specialist via info@heavyliftspecialist.com for more information.

Seminar speakers

  • Richard Krabbendam: Founder Heavy Lift Specialist and Consultant / Engineer
  • Marcel Vosse: Senior Engineer at Temporary Works Design (TWD), heavy lift solutions especially in offshore sector
  • Toon Bonjer: Marine Operations Advisor and 40+ year experience in Heavy Lift, Towage & Salvage

General Seminar Program

Day 1
– General knowledge on transport & lifting equipment.
– Mass, forces, centre of gravity
– Heavy transport with hydraulic platform trailers
– Lifting loads with one, two or more cranes

Day 2
– Maintenance and inspection of equipment
– Skidding & jacket techniques
– Set-up of a project planning
– Preperation of cost estimate conclude a deal
– Load-outs of extreme heavy loads
– Safety & risk analysis
– Accidents & How to avoid them
– Heavy Lift Shipping

Day 3
– Wind Turbines: Onshore and Offshore Installations
– Offshore lifting and insteallation techniques

If you decide to book a Company Seminar, the content of the seminar can be adjusted to suit any preferences of the company

At the end of the seminar an evaluation test with 30 multiple choice questions is set for the delegates, in order to evaluate the participants understanding of the course. Every participant receives a certificate with the score in percentages.

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Seminar Information

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Feb 042019

Public Seminar Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • 30 April & 1, 2 May 2019 – Public Seminar Rotterdam (Early Bird valid until 31 March)
  • 2, 3 & 4 October 2019 – Public Seminar Rotterdam (Early Bird valid until 15 July)

2- or 3-day Public Seminar on Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping, Wind and Offshore.

Registration: info@heavyliftspecialist.com

  • Early Bird 2-day €995,-
  • Normal Rate 2-day €1200,-
  • Early Bird 3-day €1195,-
  • Normal Rate 3-day €1400,-

Fee is including lunch and handout.

General Seminar Program

Day 1:

  • Introduction + General Knowledge
  •  Forces, Masses and Center of Gravity
  • Heavy Transport with  Hydraulic Platform trailers
  • Part 1: Lifting of Loads with two or  more cranes

Day 2:

  • Part 2: Lifting of Loads with two or more cranes
  • Maintenance & Inspection                     
  • Skidding & Jacking Techniques     
  • Set-up of  a Project Planning   
  • Load-outs of extreme Heavy Lifts
  • Heavy lift shipping
  • Evaluation test for 2 day participants

Day 3:

  • Lifting afloat
  • Floating cranes
  • Wind Turbines: Onshore & Offshore
  • Offshore Lifting and Installation Techniques
  • Accidents and how to avoid them
  • Evaluation test for 3 day participants

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Feb 042019

Registration and Confirmation
If you want to register for the seminar you can e-mail to info@heavyliftspecialist.com. Please provide us your company details and VAT number, so we can send you an invoice. Once paid, your subscription is confirmed.

Seminar Hours
The Seminar will take full days from 08:30-17:00 hrs.

Which materials do I need at the seminar?
Everything you will need during the seminar will be provided for. We only ask you to bring a calculator and a ruler.

Which hotels are located near the seminar location?
The seminar will take place at Rotterdam Science Tower, which is easily accessible via public transportation (tram, bus and metro). We advise you to book a hotel in the city center of Rotterdam, by metro is takes about 10-15 minutes to reach the location of the seminar. You can plan your travel time to the seminar on the following website:9292.

Parking is available at the Rotterdam Science Tower. The parking garage is accessible via the Tjalklaan and the Marconistraat (do not take the Schiedamse weg!). The ‘Europoint’ parking garage is situated directly next to the Schience Tower. Enter the entrance which says: ‘Rotterdam Science Tower’. Please ring the bell at the parking entrance gate and give your name.

For all other questions concerning the Public Seminar: info@heavyliftspecialist.com

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