Heavy Lift Specialist
Jan 272013

Gunanusa has been awarded the contract for supply and installation of Quarter Platform South for the Greater Bongkot South (GBS) and Flare Plaform South (FPS) gas field in the Gulf of Thailand.

Their scopes include Engineeering, Procurement, Cinstruction, Installation, Hook-Up and Commissioning works.

PTT Exploration and Production Plc (PTTEP) operates the GBS gas field and this is under the Phase 4a Development Project.

Gunanusa awarded to ALE the weighing and LO of FPS Jacket, QPS Jacket and QPS T opside.

ALE Load-out 4000Tons 01

QPS includes 1200Te upper deck for a 158 person living quarters, gallery, recreational room, office, helideck and workshop. The 1500te lower deck is for emergency diesel and fresh water storage and sesage treatment. The total weight is approximately 4000Te including load-out support frames and beams.

A total of 176 axles SPMT were utilized, including 18 pumps for ballasting and 16 x 12 meter dragline boards as spreaders.

ALE Offshore Yard 03














The structure has to be jack-up to one meter in order to be able to insert our trailers and spreaders due to it’s low height during the fabrication stage.

A total of 16 x 600te weighing jacks were used for the jack-up operation.

Ale Load-out 4000 Tons 06

ALE 4000 Tons load-out 05

ALE 4000 Tons Load-out 04

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