Heavy Lift Specialist
Sep 292017

29 Sept. 2017

Yesterday, Richard Krabbendam, the Heavy Lift Specialist completed his last and final four Day extensive Seminar “Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping, Offshore & Wind Turbines: Onshore & Offshore Installation” from 25-28 Sept. 2017

After 108 Seminars in 26 countries, he decided to stop with Seminars far away from home and slowly wind down.  In May 2008, now almost 10 years ago, he started as a pioneer in sharing his 40+ years of experience in “Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping & Offshore”, with whomever was interested.

It started near his home in the Netherlands with a one day Mini Seminar with 5 Chapters. In the course of time and on request of clients, the Mini Seminar was slowly developed in Two, Three and even Four Day Seminars  with as many as 14 Chapters and 587 Slides four the most extensive Seminar of Four Days.

At the age of 72,  it is about time to hand it over to younger Heavy Lift Specialists and indeed several of his old Students as well as other colleagues, are now presenting Heavy Lift Seminars.

Do not miss his last Public Two Day Seminar in Delft, the Netherlands on 9-10 Nov. 2017 right afther the World Crane & Transport Summit  (WCTS 2017) in Amsterdam.

A new Chapter12: “Wind turbines: Onshore & Offshore Installation” has replaced the Chapter: “Heavy Lift Shipping” Check for details HERE

REGISTER HERE or send an e-mail to: heavyliftspecialist@gmail.com

This week it was a selected group of students, of which one came all the way from Santiago de Chili.  The group consisted of 12 Students from Malaysia, Sabah, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Korea and Chile.

I was very honourred to have in my class for the third time Mr.Subeom Choi from Korea, who scored 88% in the evaluation test at the end of the Seminar and got his Certificate. He joined my class in Shanghai, and two times in Kuala Lumpur.

From Left to right: Mr.Abdulrahman Alomzaini from Saudi Arabia, Mr. Per Erik Wallmark from Singapore and  Mr. Subeom Choi from Korea, during the Chinese lunch which was served

The Seminar was presented in the four Star Royale Chulan Hotel in the Centre of Kuala Lumpur, by Olygen of Singapore who organized this Seminar for many times in Singapore as well as Kuala Lumpur.

For an overview of the Seminar and the testimonials, see the pictures below:

Lunch buffet in the restaurant

and the other days a Chinese lunch was served

Some Testimonials from the delegates:

After completion of the evaluation test, all participants will receive a Certifcate depending on their test results 

A lot of interest was shown in the books of Keith Anderson: “Rigging Engineering Basics” and Marco van Daals book: “The Art of Heavy Transport”