Updated (Feb. 2017) Extended Seminar Slides Package + 138 Videos!



IMG_0653More enhanced Videos!  More Exercises! More Examples!

More Videos!


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This NEW UPDATED Set of Seminar Slides,  includes the updated slides of the “Heavy Transport & Lifting” Seminar and Two more Chapters:




and more video animations/fragments 

Any client who purchased the “Extended” Set of Seminar Slides in the Month of Nov. or Dec. 2016, will receive an updated version upon request including the new Chapters.

If you qualify send an e-mail to: heavyliftspecialist@gmail.com  

Those of you, who are still interested in the Standard Slides Package as described below, now you get a bargain, by purchasing 3 GB of  digital information on “Heavy Transport & Lifting” for only  € 100.–  (the original price was € 150.–).

There is now no excuse anymore why you cannot afford to train and educate yourself and  staff.

I now offer, Two Day, Three Day and Four Day “Public” as well as “In Company” Seminars, depending on the wish of the client.
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Join the ranks of the companies for whom I presented my Seminar/Masterclass in the past:

The complete set of Educational Videos  of the complete THREE or FOUR Day Seminar/Masterclass “Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping & Offshore Lifting and Installation Techniques” including the full set of Seminar slides collection (525 Slides)  in 3425 Steps and 138 Video Fragments & films & animations on:

  • Forces

  • Heavy Transport

  • Lifting

  • Load-outs

  • Safety

  • Heavy Lift Shipping

  • Offshore Lifting & Installation Techniques

  • Accidents

A total of approx. 5.8 GB of Digital information

This is a downloadable product

For more detailed information of the Package see below:

Quick Overview

Since 2008, I presented more then 103 Seminars “Heavy Transport & Lifting” to more than 2375 persons in Australia, Brazil, Belgium, China, Egypt, Germany, India, Kuwait, Monaco, Malaysia, Norway, Netherlands, Poland,  Russia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, Thailand,  Uruguay, USA, U.A.E and the UK.

To share my knowledge and experience, I have decided to make all 14 presentations available in digital pdf format. In this way a lot more persons can benefit from my work and learn the basics of moving and lifting Heavy Items safely.

Well illustrated with pictures and sketches, you can also use these slides to improve the knowledge of your own workforce. It can also be used as a handy Reference book.

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After successful paying the fee, you will receive an e-mail with your order confirmation and links to download the  7 parts of files, which you can also use as your invoice.

See below an example:

All Chapters below can be presented per chapter in full screen STEP by STEP (in 3425 Steps) :

0. Four Day Seminar Title Page (8 Slides in 19 steps)

1. General Knowledge and Introduction (16 slides in 172 steps)

2. Forces, Mass and Center of Gravity (38 slides in 305 steps)

3. Heavy Transport with Hydraulic Platform trailers (46 slides in 340 steps)

4. Lifting of loads with two or more cranes (74 slides in 517 steps)

5. Maintenance and inspection (9 slides in 61 steps )

6. Skidding & Jacking Techniques (25 slides in 151 steps)

7. Set up of a Project planning (8 slides in 50 steps)

8. Preparation of a cost estimate (9 Slides in 61 steps )

9. Load-outs of extreme Heavy Lifts (50 slides in 267 steps)

10. Safety and Risk Analysis (46 slides in 347 steps)

11. Heavy Lift Shipping (56 slides in 430 steps)

12. Offshore Lifting & Installation Techniques (56 slides in 314 steps)

13. Accidents and how to avoid them? (54 slides in 204 steps )

14. The Do’s & Don’ts in Lifting (31 slides in 185 steps)

All these slides can be presented STEP by STEP in full screen and are available as 1 slide per page (landscape) in full color.

All files are compressed into seven batch ZIP files (incl. Videos) as shown below and contain all of the  above and the rest as described on this page and after a successful payment  can be downloaded:

The Batch file  Seminar Slides,  after unzipping contains: 15 presentations  as a ZIP file (35Mb) of 15 pdf files (one Title +one file for each chapter). In addition you there is also  the ZIP file for a printed Hand-out with 2 slides/page (35Mb)

And as a bonus you will get all my “Heavy Transport & Lifting” articles (a total of 62) combined in one handy pdf file of 179 pages (32 Mb) and a historical Video documentary: “Lifting the Big Ones” (62 min), containing 10 separate lifting projects showing multiple crane lifts, working with SPMT’s, conventional platform trailers etc.

For just € 150.—(Euro 150 offer includes taxes ) you can download these full color pdf files as  one ZIP file of approx. 128 MB.

        => 62 HeavyTransportLiftArticles179 pages.zip (one pdf file with 62 articles combined) (32 Mb)
        => Seminar QA files to evaluate yourself (743 KB)
        => 3-4DayHand-outsFeb2017  (15 separate Files 2 slides/page) (35 Mb)

        =>3-4DaySem-3425Steps-Feb2017 (15 separate Files 1 slide/page in 3425 STEPS total: 525 Slides ) (61 Mb)

PLUS as a BOUNUS, you will be able to download:
        => Video documentary ( m4v files with English narration) : “Lifting the Big Ones” (350Mb) 62 minutes video
              showing 10 different lifting Projects
        => 47 BONUS Videos on Heavy Transport, lifting, skidding, accidents etc,

        =>and all 91 Video fragments and videos, which are presented in the 14 Chapters of the  three to four Day Seminar/Masterclass “Heavy Transport,  Lifting, Shipping and   Offshore Lifting & Installation Techniques” 

– Multiple crane lifts
– Telescopic cranes
– Guyless Gantry Lift System
– Use of large crawler cranes (Terex-Demag, Liebherr, Manitowoc, American Hoist etc.)
– SPMT and conventional platform trailers (Kamag, Scheuerle, Cometto, Nicolas, Goldhofer etc.)
– Types of Heavy Lifts ships
– Stability of Ships
– Lashing & Securing basics
– Types of Offshore Installation vessels
– Pipe lay methods
– Subsea structures and Platform types
– Ro-Ro operation and load-outs on barges
– Use of tide during RoRo operations
– Beach landings

For the Full Program and detailed subjects of each Chapter Scroll down to the bottom of this webpage

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TRAIN & EDUCATE your own staff and avoid costly and time consuming accidents!!

For just Euro 150, you can download 5.8 GB of valuable Heavy Transport & Lifting material.

A view on some slides of the new added Chapters  “Heavy Lift Shipping” ,  “Offshore Lifting & Installation Techniques” and “The Do’s & Don’ts in Lifting” :




Below the detailed Index of all slides of the 3-4 Day Seminar Slides Package:


For just € 150.—(Euro 150 offer includes taxes ) you can download these full color pdf files as well as the 91+47  BONUS Video films in 7 ZIP files (each approx. 300-1070 Mb) A Total of approx. 5.8 GB.

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In case of problems, please contact the Heavy Lift Specialist e-mail: heavyliftspecialist@gmail.com  or phone: +31-615040873

Below is shown the contents of all batch files:

Part 1: Seminar Slides and Documents (140 MB):

19 x Videos Part 2 (726 MB):

24 x Videos Part 3 (1050 MB) :

22 x Videos Part 4 (993 MB):

26 x Videos Part 5 (872 MB):
26 x BONUS CD1 Part 6 (1200 MB):

21 x BONUS CD2 Part 7 (734 MB):

All together 138 Video fragments and movies