Two Day Seminar “Heavy Transport, Lifting & Wind Turbines” in the Netherlands


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Do not wait any longer and train and educate yourself and Staff in “How to Handle Heavy Lifts Safely” and avoid Accidents and Project Delays!

This  2 Day Seminar in the Netherlands  from 9-10 Nov. 2017 : in Total 387 Slides will be presented!!!

The Seminar will be presented in English in Delft or Amsterdam in the Netherlands  to be advised 

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Including  the new  Chapter: “Wind Turbines: Onshore & Offshore Installation Techniques”. The Chapter ” Heavy Lift Shipping” will still be added to the Hand-out binder at the Seminar. 

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This 2 Day “Heavy Transport , Lifting & Shipping ” Seminar/Workshop is presented
by Richard L.Krabbendam (The Heavy Lift Specialist).  The Chapter “Shipping” will be replaced by “Wind Turbines: Onshore & Offshore Installation Techniques”. The Chapter ” Heavy Lift Shipping will still be part of the hand-out binder, but due to time restrictions, will not be presented.

The content of the New Chapter 12 will be as below:

After more then 107 Seminars  in  26 countries, I have decided to expand the Seminar/Workshop with a new Chapter11: “Heavy Lift Shipping” (55 Slides).
In this Chapter, I will present in detail various Heavy Lift Shipping Companies, Methods of loading and unloading (Ro-Ro, Lift-on/Lift-off, Float-on/Float-Off), Stability of Heavy Lift Ships, Lashing and Securing Methods, Ship Crane Types  etc. The Chapter “Shipping” will be replaced by “Wind Turbines: Onshore & Offshore Installation Techniques”, as shown above. The Chapter ” Heavy Lift Shipping will still be part of the hand-out binder, but due to time restrictions, will not be presented.

For this Delft Seminar, the new Chapter12: Wind Turbines: Onshore & Offshore Installation Techniques will be presented.  The Chapter Heavy Lift Shipping is exchanged by this new Chapter on Wind Turbines  (approx. 49 Slides). In the  4 day Kuala Lumpur Seminar from 25-28 Sept. 2017, all Chapters will be presented: “Heavy Lift Shipping”, “Offshore Lifting & Installation Techniques” as well as “Wind Turbines: Onshore & Offshore Installation Techniques”

With a wealth of experience, Richard is sharing his “Know How” and “Experience” in this very detailed Seminar/Workshop, which teaches you how to handle “Heavy Lifts” Safely, during Transport, Lifting and Shipping Operations.

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The Program of the 2 Day Seminar “Heavy Transport, Lifting & Wind Turbines ” on  9 and 10th of Nov. 2017 is as below:

Day 1:  Chapters 1, 2, 3 and partly 4 (Introduction, Forces, Masses, CoG, Heavy Transport with Hydraulic Platform Trailers and Lifting with one or More Cranes)
Day 2: Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 + Test (Lifting with one or More Cranes, Maintenance, Skidding & Jacking Techniques, Planning, Cost Estimate, Load-outs of Extreme Heavy Lifts, Safety & Risk Analysis, Wind Turbines: Onshore & Offshore Installation techniques  and Accidents & how to Avoid them )

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9-10 Nov. 2017 in The Netherlands (Heavy Transport, Lifting & Windturbines)  (from 9-10 Nov. in Buccaneer Innovation Centre in Delft)

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Below the program of the  Seminar/Masterclass 

“Heavy Transport, Lifting & Shipping”   (Shipping is replaced by Wind Turbines)

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The above shown Chapter 11, will still be part of the Hand-out binder, but will not be presented.

Instead the below Chapter12: Wind turbines will be presented: