Heavy Lift Specialist

Seminar Slides and Video Package (Standard)




This Package includes a complete set of educational videos of the two-day Seminar / Masterclass “Heavy Transport & Lifting”. The full Seminar slides collection and Video Fragments & films & animations on: Forces, Heavy Transport, Lifting, Load-outs, Safety, Accidents.

A total of 3 GB of Digital information

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This package is for non-commercial use only.

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0. Two Day Seminar Title Page (6 Slides in 6 steps)

1. General Knowledge and Introduction (13 slides in 87 steps)

2. Forces, Mass and Center of Gravity (33 slides in 245 steps)

3. Heavy Transport with Hydraulic Platform trailers (50 slides in 370 steps)

4. Lifting of loads with two or more cranes (72 slides in 486 steps)

5. Maintenance and inspection (11 slides in 64 steps )

6. Skidding & Jacking Techniques (24 slides in 143 steps)

7. Set up of a Project planning (8 slides in 47 steps)

8. Preparation of a cost estimate (9 Slides in 60 steps )

9. Load-outs of extreme Heavy Lifts (51 slides in 264 steps)

10.Safety and Risk Analysis (46 slides in 346 steps)

11. Accidents and how to avoid them? (54 slides in 200 steps )


All these slides can be presented STEP by STEP in full screen and are available as 1 slide per page (landscape) in full color.

All files are compressed into three batch ZIP files as below and contain all of the above and the rest as described on this page and after a successful payment can be downloaded: