Heavy Lift Specialist

Erection of a 220 Tons column with an unguided lift gantry 1992


Erection of a 220 Tons column by meaqns of an unguided lift gantry with strand jacks on the Hyundai jobsite for the construction of GPP-2/3 in Kerteh Malaysia.   Jumbo executed the Total Transport, which involved shipment from Korea to the port of Kemaman, Malaysia.

From there the heaviest pieces, which could not go by road due to bridge limitations, were barged from Kemanan 40 kms along the coast to the Paka river and rolled-off for transport to foundation under reach of lifting gantry.

The project was carried out in close co-operation with the local Malaysian freight forwarder Kontena Nasional SDN BHD.

The tailing of the column was done by means of a small gantry with jacks on rollers, which kept the column off the ground while erecting it into vertical position.