Heavy Lift Specialist
Dec 232011

Lifting works at second wooden bridge highway A7 Sneek, Netherlands by Wagenborg Nedlift

 Highway A7 is already under construction for a while. Back in 2008, a remarkably designed wooden bridge was placed across the highway. A few days ago, the assembly works for a new wooden bridge, the second one, took place. A nice piece of lifting works, carried out by 6 heavy mobile cranes: 2 times 200 tons crane, one 250 tons crane, one 300 tons crane and 2 times a 500 tons crane. Together, they carefully placed the wooden bows of each 120 tons on the (wooden!) bridge deck. A precise piece of work, everything has to fit exactly. The crane operators were a real team working together very closely, which resulted in a smooth lifting operation and of course some nice pictures of all red/white cranes. During the night of 20/21 November, the complete bridge of 320 tons will be placed onto foundation. 192 wheels of SPMT trailers will be used to realize this next challenge.

 Please find more information about the A7 Sneek project at www.a7sneek.nl

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