Heavy Lift Specialist

Load-out of 2×700 tons Offshore desk at Hindustan Shipyard in Visakapatnam, India 1987


Load-out carried out by Indian Heavy haulage company Urmila from Mumbay. I was asked, when working for Van Seumeren Holland to prepare the weighing and load-out manual for these two topsides of ca. 700 tons each.

TNO of Delft was hired in to execute the weighing and CoG calculation.

The roll-on board of the barge was executed accross steel plates, bridging the gab between laod-out quay and barge deck. Accurate ballasting and timing in relation to the tidal condition is here essential.

Two sets of 20 axleline conventional Goldhofer Platform trailers were used. As these trailers were positioned approx. 9 m apart, a special steering program was worked out in order to accurately steer each trailer over the 750 m bending route from the fabrication site to the load-out quay.