Heavy Lift Specialist

Transport of a 260 tons Gassphere from Belgium to Immingham 1989


With a diam. of 16 m and a weight 260 ton this Gas sphere was not an easy load to transport across the North Sea to the UK. It went via the inland waterways and locks from G&G International via Antwerpen to Immingham to its final destination the Conoco Reffinery near Immingham.

How we solve these problems is explained in my Mini-Seminar Heavy Lift Transport & Lifting.

With a set of double wide 12 axleline SPMT’s with a net payload of 720 ton, capacity was not a problem.

Attention had to be paid to stability of the transport combination. Always use a spirit level to check the horizontal level of the trailer bed, and level the trailer with the hydraulic trailer suspension system when a camber is negotiated.

Here the Gas sphere is negotiating a dangerous turn with a road camber of 2,8o , but by leveling the trailer bed and checking it with a spirit level this curve could be taken without problems and a while later the load was safely offloaded at its new foundation.