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Overhead Crane Failure – Drops 75 Tons! (old news)

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Feb 162014

This is the failure of an overhead crane in the Netherlands.

Overhead Crane Failure – Drops 75 Tons!

uploaded on 2 nov 2009

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I received this video in an email a while back. I am not sure of the exact details. If anyone has any further information as to what exactly caused the failure or any information on the damage it caused, let me know!

Comment of Heavy Lift Specialist:

As can be seen in the Aftermath, the coupling segments on the drive unit of the winch broke. Why that happened, I do not know, it could be: bad workmanship during constrcution of the coupling, bad material, fatigue, overload or corrosion.

Lessons learned:  NEVER WALK OR STAND UNDER A LOAD!! as these unexpected failures can happen any moment!