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4, 5 & 6 February 2019, Rotterdam (fully booked – registration closed)

2 or 3 days public seminar about Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping, Wind and Offshore.

  • 2-day seminar: Heavy Transport, Lifting and Shipping, Project Planning
  • 3-day seminar: Additional day with Wind Turbines and Offshore Lifting & Installation, Safety & Accidents

Speakers: Richard Krabbendam, Marcel Vosse and Toon Bonjer.

2, 3 & 4 April 2019, Kuala Lumpur

  • 3-day seminar: Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping, Wind and Offshore

Speakers: Richard Krabbendam and Toon Bonjer.



The Heavy Lift Specialist Richard Krabbendam started organizing seminars and courses since 2008, aiming for improving safety in the Transport, Lifting, Shipping & Offshore Industry. In the training course, he transfers his profound experience and know-how to others in the industry.

In the past 10 years, more than 2,700 delegates attended one of the 116 Seminars in 26 Countries, dealing with “Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping, Offshore and Wind Turbines”.

Seminar Speakers

  • Richard Krabbendam: Founder of Heavy Lift Specialist, who has worked 45 years with BigLift, Mammoet and Jumbo Shipping.
  • Marcel Vosse: Senior Engineer at Temporary Works Design, Marcel Vosse dealing with Heavy Lift Solutions especially in Offshore sector.
  • Toon Bonjer: Marine Consultant with 40+ year experience  dealing with Heavy Lift, Ocean towage, Salvage, Supply & Anchor Handling


For who is the Seminar?

This extensive course is focused on Construction Managers, Warrantee Surveyors, Operators / Riggers, Project Engineers, Sales Engineers, Freight Forwarders, QHSE Engineers, Project Managers, Cargo Superintendents and anyone who is involved in daily movements and lifting operations of heavy loads.

The program

Day 1

  • General Knowledge on Transport & Lifting equipment
  • Mass, Forces, Centre of Gravity
  • Heavy Transport with Hydraulic Platform trailers
  • Lifting loads with one, two or more cranes (1)

Day 2

  • Lifting loads with one, two or more cranes (2)
  • Maintenance and Inspection
  • Skidding and Jacking
  • Making a Project Planning
  • Load-outs of extreme heavy loads
  • Heavy Lift Shipping

Day 3 (additional day)

  • Lifting afloat
  • Floating cranes
  • Wind Turbines: Onshore & Offshore Installation
  • Offshore Lifting and Installation Technique
  • Safety and Accidents
Heavy Lift & Transport

Safety & Accidents

Offshore Installations

Practical information – Rotterdam

Seminars are presented by Richard Krabbendam, Marcel Vosse and Toon Bonjer at Rotterdam Science Tower.

  • Regular rates: 2-day seminar €1200,- and the 3-day seminar €1400,-.
  • Early bird rates: 2-day seminar €995,- and the 3-day seminar €1195,-. (valid until 31 December 2018)

Lunch, coffee and tea is included. A hand-out book of the presentation and a certificate of course completion will be provided.

Practical information – Kuala Lumpur

Seminar is presented by Richard Krabbendam and Toon Bonjer at the Concorde Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Regular rates:  3-day seminar €1800,-.
  • Early bird rates: 3-day seminar €1600,-. (valid until 15 February 2019)

Lunch, coffee and tea is included. A hand-out book of the presentation and a certificate of course completion will be provided.



Registration and Confirmation?

If you want to register for the seminar you can e-mail to info@heavyliftspecialist.com. Please provide us your company details and VAT number, so we can send you an invoice. Once paid, your registration is confirmed.

Seminar Hours? 

The Seminar will take full days from 08:30-17:00 hrs.

Which materials do I need at the seminar?

Everything you will need during the seminar will be provided for. We only ask you to bring a calculator and a ruler.

Which hotels are located near the seminar location?

The seminar will take place at Rotterdam Science Tower, which is easily accessible via public transportation (tram, bus and metro). We advise you to book a hotel in the city center of Rotterdam, by metro is takes about 10-15 minutes to reach the location of the seminar. You can plan your travel time to the seminar on the following website: 9292.


Parking is available at the Rotterdam Science Tower. The parking garage is accessible via the Tjalklaan and the Marconistraat (do not take the Schiedamse weg!). The ‘Europoint’ parking garage is situated directly next to the Schience Tower. Enter the entrance which says: ‘Rotterdam Science Tower’. Please ring the bell at the parking entrance gate and give your name.

For all other questions concerning the Public Seminar: info@heavyliftspecialist.com

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________PAST SEMINARS IN 2018


Thanks for sending the certificate promptly. The seminar was well organised, was at a good location and the venue chosen was just right. Dubai is quite far from Kenya but it was worthwhile coming all the way. The knowledge obtained was far more than my expectations.
–Zaheer, Kenya

I would like to thank Richard for his valuable seminar. I have realized many point that I had to increase my knowledge and experiences thanks to him. I would be appreciate if he will always keep me in loop for making another seminar programs.
–Semih, Iraq

It was good attending the seminar in Dubai , it was a very useful for me, I learnt a lot details in lifting  & planning from Richard. Thanks for emailing the certificates & the Excel sheets  at the earliest.
–Joystan, United Arab Emirates

Thanks for the seminar 2 days in Singapore. I have arrived safely in Surabaya and have resume work. I wish I have 3 days course as there are more time to cover and more time to question. But overall everything is good and very informative.
–Andri, Indonesia