Heavy Lift Specialist
Sep 122013

HMC is proud to be involved in an enormous project as the $5.2 billion project of the expansion of the Panama Canal.

Panama SUN

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Our part in this magnificent project is the delivery of the complete transport engineering which led to the successful transportation of the first sets of four voyages to be completed. The first set of Panama locks were transported from Trieste, Italy and are now off-loaded onto a temporary dock on the Atlantic side of the waterway.The arrival of the first set of new gates comes as the expansion nears the end of its sixth year of construction. The completion of our transport engineering part is not to be underestimated. It took some time to modify the heavy transport vessel to comply with all applicable regulations and raised questions in our participation in the DNV workgroup of Heavy Lift and Transportation. The arrival of the gates is one of the most visible aspects of the total project and HMC is very proud to show the industry how important good engineering can be in voyages like this. In 2014, the Panama Canal has his 100th birthday and the total project of the renovation and enlargement is scheduled to be completed. For now HMC looks forward to the second load out of the Panama lock gates which will take the completion of the Panama Canal expansion to the next level.