Heavy Lift Specialist
Mar 092014

MV Jumbo Vision carried a pipe laying ramp for Huisman from Huisman’s quay in Schiedam, The Netherlands to Sovik, Norway. The 465t pipe laying ramp measuring 21.915 x 14.665 x 33.565m, is destined for the vessel “Ocean Installer“ which is being fitted out at the STX Sovik shipyard.

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When booking the cargo it became quickly apparent that the project execution would have a tight schedule.


vision 2

First, due to the quay availability of Huisman’s premises Jumbo only had a two day window to load the unit and same had to be delivered on the 25th February in Sovik. Second, as from time of booking till project execution there where only 6 weeks to engineer this complicated transport.

vision 1Jumbo in close consultation with Huisman engineers choose to carry the pipe laying ramp on the tanktop and to sail with open hatches to Norway. This method created optimum stability and therefore favorable acceleration conditions on the cargo and provided economical sea fastening which was done partly on the tanktop and partly directly to the weather deck.

vision 3After Jumbo Vision’s timely arrival and completion of preparations the pipe laying ramp was loaded by floating crane “Matador 3”. Due to the excellent preparation and cooperation of all parties involved during the load out in Schiedam the vessel was able to improve her schedule and arrived 2 days ahead of schedule in Sovik. There the ramp was discharged by floating crane “Ugland” on a small berth right across the “Ocean Installer”.

The Jumbo Vision was deemed the perfect vessel for the job for several reasons; her position at the time near Huisman’s quay, Huisman’s familiarity with Jumbo’s quality engineering and the vessel’s next employment out of Norway. Made this into a perfect fit for vessel and cargo. SOURCE: DMNC