Heavy Lift Specialist
Feb 272014

Our latest video of the record breaking jack up of the Arkutun Dagi topside in Korea is now available to watch online.


Arkutun Dagi record breaking Jack-up

Press play on the following clip to see how ALE used the innovative ‘Mega Jack’ to lift the record breaking weight to a height of 24m. The topside was lifted and additional assembly work was carried out which added the additional weight to the structure that on its completion weighed 43,475t. 

The piece will become part of the Arkutun Dagi field off the east coast of Russia; the development is expected to be the largest oil and gas production platform in Russia where the first oil is scheduled to be produced in 2014.

For more information on this project and other projects ALE are involved with please see our website www.ale-heavylift.com

ALE performs record breaking Jack-up