Heavy Lift Specialist
Mar 182016

IMG_422818th of March 2016

This week an “In Company” Seminar was presented by Richard L.Krabbendam (Heavy Lift Specialist) at Holmatro Industrial Tools in the Netherlands.

A group of 11 Sales and  Service Engineers attended the two day Seminar, with its goal to improve “Heavy Lift” knowledge and awareness amongst its staff, in order to fullfill clients needs better now and in the near future.

At Holmatro’s factory and headquarters in Raamsdonksveer the group attended the two day Seminra/Masterclass in which the basic principles of handling Heavy Lift was explained in detail.

Do not hesitate and Register for the upcoming  4 Day extended Seminar “Heavy Transport, Transport, Lifting, Shipping & Offshore” in Kuala Lumpur on the 24-27th of May 2016. Click HERE for more details or Check out the Program detail HERE

Below some pictures of the Holmatro Seminar: