Heavy Lift Specialist
May 282016

IMG_5046This week from 24-27 May 2016, after the Heavy Engineering Show on the 23rd of May, organized by Petrogas Asia,  Richard Krabbendam presented his well know extensive Seminar/Masterclass “Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping & Offshore” in Hotel Maya to 15 delegates from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

This was his 99th Seminar since 2008!!

All delegates will receive a Certificate depending on their evalution Test result!

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The course has been slightly updated, incorporating the latest developments in Heavy Cranes and Transport Industry.

The content of the extended Seminar Slides package in the webshop will be updated as well this coming week and contain now 14 Chapter with 533 slides in 3393 steps and can be presented for your own staff in order to teach them the basic principles in “How to Handle Heavy Lifts Safely”.

Below a summary of the evaulation sheets filled in by the 14 Delegates:

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Now the extended Seminar package will contain 61 articles on “Heavy Transport & Lifting” as well as 116 Videos and a lot more. This package can be purchased at € 150.– and contains  5 GB of digital data: Pdf documents and mp4 video files as well as Excel spread sheets.

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Below some pictures of this weeks Seminar/Masterclass: