Heavy Lift Specialist
Feb 122018

10 Feb. 2018

One of Richard’s last Seminars was presented this week at Wagenborg Shipping in Delfzijl.

A group of Super cargos, Captains, Chief Officers, 2nd Officers, Operations Managers and Nautical Inspectors joined the two Day Seminar, which was held at their office in Delfzijl.

Make sure you do not miss the last opportunity for the public Seminars in Dubai (12-15 March 2018), KL (9-12 April 2018) and finally the last public Seminar in Aberdeen from 14-17 May 2018.

For more details contact Alvin Young of Olygen Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, e-mail address: alvin.yong@olygen.com or check it out on http://www.heavyliftspecialist.com for more details on the program of these four Day extensive Seminars

Watch the pictures and testimonials below:

On the last day of the Seminar an evaluation test was held and everyone, received a Certificate depending on his score