Heavy Lift Specialist
Sep 062014

P1100374Despite only 10 participants, the 3 day Masterclass in Kuala Lumpur this week on the 3th,4th and 5th of September 2014 was a success. 10 Participants from, Hong Kong, Brunei, Serawak, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia from Companies like Shell, Swift Logistics, Pt. Idros ,CLP Power Ltd, Fracht AG, Tiong Woon Crane Pte and Brunei LNG send their participants in order to increase their staff’s capability level.

Training and Education is the Key to Success!

The 2 day Seminar Masterclass was spread out over 3 full days and gave participants the chance to discuss all subjects, which they felt were worth dealing with. Lifting Heavy Loads with more then one crane, how the right trailer type was selected for a particular load as well as calculating sling forces and loads on transport saddles and lifting points, were discussed in detail and thaught the participants how to deal with these important issues in the near Future.

The course is focused to learn participants in “How to handle Heavy Lifts Safely” and is in particular of value to staff and operational personnell of Logistical and Rigging departments of EPC Conctractors, Power Plants, Refineries, Offshore Construction Yards, Shipyards, Wind Turbine transport & erection Contractors, Freight Forwarders, Heavy Lift Transport & Lifting Contractors, Heavy Lift Shipping Companies, Chemical plants, Transport and Shipping brokers, Insurance Companies, Marine Waranty Surveyors, Trailer operators, Crane operators, Rigging Supervisors, Transport Supervisors, Cargo Super Intendants etc.

The course was organized by YF-Asia from Singapore and new seminars were booked for March 2015 in Djakarta  and June 2015 in KL again.

Register now for the next two day Seminar “Heavy Transport & Lifting” in Houston on the 29th and 30th of Sept. 2014, prior to the Breakbulk Conference and show.

At the end of the 3 day Course, an evalaution test was done and all participants received a Certificate based on there test score.

The best score was from mr. Ngiam  Shih Ming from Serawak Shell Berhad with 80% test score of 30 multiple choice questions. See his Certificate below:

See pictures below: