Heavy Lift Specialist
Jul 062014

On the 3rd + 4th of July 2014, Richard Krabbendam presented his Seminar “Heavy Transport & Lifting” to a group of 25 sales representatives of the Bekaert group of companies, which is specialized in wire fabrication, used in many applications, such as but not limited to car tires, fences, lifting wire ropes, mooring lines etc.

Quite an International Group of participants, joined the two day Seminar, which was slightly adapted to suit the needs of Bekaert, who asked to focus more on Offshore Lifting and less on Heavy Transport of Hydraulic platform trailers.

It was was a very informative Seminar/workship, which strengthened the workforce business relations within the Bekaert representatives coming from countries like: Ecuador, Brazil, China, Malaysia, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Canada, USA, Chile, Indonesia and Vietnam.

After a day hard work an excellent dinner was served at the old family home of the Bekaert family, in the town of Zwevegem, near Kortrijk in the South of Belgium.  See pictures below: