Heavy Lift Specialist
Mar 182015

P110072820 Delegates from 9 Countries participated in the Seminar/Masterclass

Below an impression of  the 20 Delegates, from 9 different countries, that participated in Richard Krabbendam’s famous Masterclass “Heavy Transport, Lifting & Shipping”.

At the end of the 2 day Course, all delegates did a test and will get a Certificate, depending on their test score.

Do not wait any longer and register for the Perth Seminar in West Australia, which takes place next week on Monday and Tuesday 23+24 March, 2015. In case you have not registered yet, send an e-mail to Miss Sophie of Opus Kinetic, The organizers:  sophie@opuskinetic.com and ask for Rates.

There is still space available. Do take this opportunity, as Richard is not visiting Australia that often!!

The whole family Ferrer (Father, Mother and 2 daughters) from the Philippines of JLF Project International Inc. participated in the Seminar. Daddy, even took the course for the second time!!