Heavy Lift Specialist
Jan 222016

Want to win an iPad??  For those of you living and working around Dubai or India, this is the best opportunity to attend the extensive Seminar Masterclass “Heavy Transport, Lifting & Shipping” on the 8th, 9th and 10th of Feb. 2016. For the detailed Program and registration form download it HERE 

Join now and make  a chance to win an iPad and increase your knowledge at the same time! If you already joined one of my earlier Seminars, you can qualify for the draw as well, in case you bring in a new participant.  I will place your name in the Draw and your proposed candidate will take the iPad in case you were the lucky one and he will take the iPad with him for you.

Start this year with a new initiative and distinguish yourself from the crowd. The only way to be successful in business is when you have better qualifications and skills then you colleagues.

By demonstrating your skills and experience, you will definitely impress your boss and he will assign you to more complex and responsible projects.

I keep repeating my self by saying that one way to achieve these goals is by Education and Training. 

Unfortunately we still come across to many crane and transport incidents which could have been prevented had the operators and planners taken care of the basic Laws of Nature and prepared their project properly.  See examples on my website: http://www.heavyliftnews.com/accidents .

It is the Management’s responsibility to provide  a “Safe Working environment for the workers”  and make sure projects are executed in a “Safe Way”.

Invest in your future as well in that of your Staff.  Remember the 7 P’s:  Proper Planning & Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance 

Learn from Industry Expert Richard Krabbendam (known as the Heavy Lift Specialist) the “Tips & Tricks” and the “Do’s and Don’ts” how a Heavy Load should be lifted, transported or shipped, what are forces and how to keep them under control.

Below some of the Topics which will be dealt with:

  • Do you know how you can simply estimated sling Forces??
  • Learn how to make a Lift Plan
  • When does a crane tip over?
  • What is a Load moment?
  • How do you select the right Hydraulic Platform Trailer or SPMT for a particular load?
  • What are Stability Criteria for Hydraulic Platform Trailers and when does the load tip over?
  • What is a Min.Break Load (MBL)?
  • What is WLL?
  • Which Safety Factors are applicable?
  • How can you avoid incidents and Project delays
  • How can I easily estimate the Pulling Force of a HD Prime Mover?
  • How do we plan and execute a Roll-on/Roll-off operation?
  • Lashing & Securing of cargo
  • Learn how to make  Planning Schedules and Cost Estimates

With 42 years of experience in the “Heavy Transport, Lifting, Shipping & Offshore Industry”,  I will clearly explain the basics of what you should and especially what you should not do. Check out the detailed program on my website HERE

On the 8, 9 and 10th of Feb. 2016 you can now Register for the 3 Day extensive Seminar/Master class: “Heavy Transport, Lifting & Shipping” in Dubai.  Registering now via the webshop  or send the attached Registration form to mrs. Judith Deutekom e-mail:  jjedeutekom@gmail.com

Sharing my “Know How” and “Experience”, is what I do, since I have retired from Jumbo Shipping in 2010, after having worked for more then 42 years in this fascinating Industry. 

The Seminar/workshop is valuable for: Construction Managers, Logistics Managers, Plant Managers, Freight Forwarders, Warrantee Surveyors, Crane operators, Rigging and Lifting Supervisors, Maintenance Personnel, Trailer Operators, Cargo Superintendents, Project Managers, Insurance companies, Wind Farm builders, Offshore Construction yards, Shipyards, Refinery Construction, Power Plants, EPC Contractors, Oil Companies and anyone who deals with Moving and Lifting Heavy Loads.

Check out the program on http://www.heavyliftspecialist.com or at http://www.heavyliftspecialist.com/shop/

Join this valuable Seminar in Dubai or subscribe to my articles (it does not cost you anything) on “Heavy Transport & Lifting” and learn how to handle “Heavy Lifts” Safely, or buy the Seminar slides package and get all my 54 articles (161pages) as one pdf file as a bonus and IMPROVE Safety in the Industry!

I like to thank all my sponsors as listed below for their support during the past year. Click on the links below to learn more about them.

If this message is not of interest to you, forward it to a friend or colleague, who might be interested.

I look forward meeting you at one of my Seminars.

Kind regards,

Richard L.Krabbendam

Heavy Lift Specialist



e-mail: heavyliftspecialist@gmail.com