Heavy Lift Specialist
Jun 092016


This week an “In Company” Seminar “Heavy Transport, Lifting & Offshore” was presented at ENERPAC in Hengelo of the Netherlands.

A group of 16 persons attended the two day Seminar which took place on 7 and 8th of June 2016 at the Enerpac Head quarters for Hydraulic Gantries and Strandjacks.

12 Chapters were presented such as:

  1. General Introduction on Heavy Transport & Lifting Equipment,
  2. Forces, Masses and CoG’s,
  3. Hydraulic Platform Trailers,
  4. Lifting of Loads,
  5. Maintenance & Inspection,
  6. Skidding & Jacking Techniques,
  7. How to make a Project Planning,
  8. Cost Estimates,
  9. Load-outs of extreme Heavy Lifts,
  10. Safety & Risk Management,
  11. Offshore Lifting & Installation Techniques and
  12. Accidents and how to avoid them.

An enthousiastic group of Enerpac staff from the USA, Belgium and the Netherlands attended the Seminar/Masterclass, to be trained in Hydraulic Platform Trailers, SPMT’s, Cranes and other Jacking and Skidding equipment in order to improve their staff’s knowledge with regard to handling “Heavy Lifts and Safety”.

See pictures above and below: