Heavy Lift Specialist
Jul 212015

IMG_5829 - PresseThe semi-trailer manufacturer Faymonville presented the perfect harmony between theory and practice to the numerous interested parties who visited this year’s “Demo Days”. 

New technical items from the product range as well as topics from the heavy haulage industry were presented in a compact and informative form in technical workshops on 11 and 12 June. Numerous guests from 25 countries listened to these expertly delivered lectures on both days.

Many exhibited trailers – high technology ensures quality 

In addition, a large number of exhibits were on show at the company’s site in Büllingen. On guided tours of the company, everyone could see for themselves that a state-of-the-art infrastructure and production technology ensures top quality at Faymonville.

CombiMAX and its principle of combinability 

The main attractions at this year’s “Demo Days” were the CombiMAX and the PrefaMAX. Faymonville, as is well known, has completely caught the spirit of the age with the CombiMAX concept: modularity, flexibility, speed and efficiency – this revolutionary, prizewinning concept combines all of these advantages. As is also well known, it permits the user to assemble the semi-trailer to suit the requirements of the transport task.

This principle of combinability of standardised components was illustrated at the “Demo Days”. Before the eyes of the visitors, mechanics converted a 3+5 low bed combination with intermediate platform to an 8-axle semi low loader with add-on beam in no time at all. Those who were there were able to see for themselves in close up the modular construction kit system for medium to heavy payloads – and they were enthralled.

Longer elements for telescopic PrefaMAX 

A further highlight of the event was the demonstration of the telescopic PrefaMAX, the inloader for the transport of precast concrete elements. The variant shown at the “Demo Days” is telescopically extendable and thus also suitable for carrying very long concrete elements. This PrefaMax from Faymonville is an absolute world’s first and only recently made its first international appearance at the INTERMAT trade fair in Paris.

Feedback from the customers was already thoroughly positive there and the experts pointed out the technical advantages of the vehicle and Faymonville’s practice-oriented farsightedness. This impression has now been confirmed again at the “Demo Days”. The new PrefaMAX can be extended in various steps up to 4,000 mm. This allows a maximum load length of 13,500 mm to be achieved. This is absolutely revolutionary and the answer to the progressive developments in the concrete and building industry.

MAX510 – the new low bed semi-trailer 

Another presentation to which much attention was paid was that of the MAX510 low bed semi-trailer from MAX Trailer. The first vehicle of this type was demonstrated to the visitors of the “Demo Days” as a product premiere. Premium quality as standard! – this motto now also applies to latest driving force from Faymonville’s subsidiary marque. This new vehicle type opens up new possibilities for the more than 30 internationally operative MAX Trailer sales partners.

In the MAX510 the engineers have developed a vehicle that is in a class of its own, with the familiar top quality in terms of the manufacturing processes and the choice of materials. The low bed semi-trailer, which is based as standard on two axles, certainly overtrumps other suppliers by far with these outstanding points.

New and long-established series by Faymonville 

In addition to these new products, the already long-established series could also be admired. MultiMAX and Co. were lined up alongside one another in the yard and countless people took the opportunity to examine the unique quality. A HighwayMAX could also be inspected at the works entrance. This highway semi-trailer was designed for the special requirements of heavy haulage in North America and was only recently brought onto the market. The motto from now on in the “land of unlimited possibilities” is also “Trailers to the MAX”!

A multifaceted fringe programme, garnished with “magical moments”, offered those present some truly wonderful moments apart from steel and technology. The Faymonville “Demo Days” underlined once again the manufacturer’s leading position in the semi-trailer market.

IMG_5829 - Presse