Heavy Lift Specialist
Nov 212014

P1100645On the 20th and 21st of Nov. 2014, another “Heavy Transport & Lifting” Seminar was presented by Richard L. Krabbendam in the Intercontinental Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey.

Only a limited number of participants attended, so it was almost a private class. At the end of the second day all participants attended the evaluation test and will get a Certifciate, depending on their score.

The Next 3 Day Seminar “Heavy Transport & Lifting”, including “Heavy Lift Shipping”, will be presented from 9-11 Feb. 2015. Do not miss this Seminar as it contains the full package of “Heavy Transport & Lifting” on land as well as a Maritime part: “Heavy Lift Shipping”, in which an overview will be given of the various type of Heavy Lift vessels available in the world, different loading/unloading techniques, ships stability and how to lash and secure cargo on board. Full details of the Seminar program will be published early December on my website.

REGISTER before the 31st of Dec.2014 and make use of the special Eraly Bird rate. After the 31st the entry fee will be raised. For more details and Registration go to: http://www.heavyliftspecialist.com/shop/

I look forward seeing you all in Dubai!

For an impression of the Istanbul Seminar check out the pictures below: