Heavy Lift Specialist
Jul 212015

VISUAL Cargo Care02Many of my Seminar participants have asked me if there is any software on the market to help them in their lashing & securing plans of Breakbulk and Heavy Lifts on cargo ships.  There is a well established Software package (Lloyds Certified) on the market and I would like to introduce Visual Cargo Care to you below.

During the past decade Capt. Will van ‘t Hek (Executive Director of Visual Cargo Care) , together with his team of qualified engineers have developed  a simple to use Lashing & Securing as well as Stowage Software package. The package has now become fully Certified and a lot of available cargo ships are part of its Data base.

In weekly Free to join Webinars, you can find out if this package suits your needs. For more information click HERE

ABOUT Visual Cargo Care

Visual Cargo Care is an advanced software solution for lashing & securing of heavy-lift and project cargo. When you work in the heavy-lift and project cargo industry, you have to take important decisions. Our software is designed to help you making the right one!

On daily basis there are thousands load-outs of cargoes which are difficult to be shipped due to their weight, size and the way they are to be loaded on seagoing vessels, barges, trucks or rail wagons.

When these precious cargoes need to be transported, a certain Lashing & Securing standard has to be applied, before it will be accepted by Vessels, Cargo-owners, Insurance Companies, Surveyors, Cargo-Superintendents and Shipping Lines.

The Visual Cargo Care solution for Heavy-Lift & Project cargo helps you to be more effectively calculating acceleration forces, applying Lashing & Securing and creating reports for Method Statements.

Whether you are transporting via marine or other transportation, you are under constant pressure to design more innovative solutions and bring them into practice faster. Visual Cargo Care software makes this possible by unleashing the creativity of your engineering and make your processes and workflow more efficient.

You are also able to test your load-out before you actually load the precious cargo, or reverse-calculate to examine the sea fastening. This will save you time and money. The software contains more than 750 vessels. If the vessel is not already in, we design it for free.

In the heavy lift & project cargo business we see an increased need of professionals with specific expertise. Our authorized high tech training center Global Maritime Education offers a range of courses in the Visual Cargo Care software.

Global Cargo Care is our department which operates in the maritime transport, heavy-lift and project cargo industry. Either independent or as a customer’s representative for ship owners, charterers, insurance companies and asset owners.

Visual Cargo Care

Visual Cargo Care software is made for Cargo Superintendents, Surveyors, Shipping Lines, Stevedoring, Ports, Insurance,  Lashing  and all maritime related companies who have interest in correct treatment oftheir precious cargoes.

Very often situation needs to be discussed and decisions to be made by people with no or little knowledge of good practice in shipping. By using this program they learn what  really matters in a easy way, but nevertheless, common sense is a tool you cannot learn.

With …’the new standard’,  we try to raise the level of knowledge  up to this standard, to avoid lots of discussion and different opinions and get to a ‘VCC – Letter of Approval’ in every load-out. For info please send an email to info@visualcargocare.com