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SAL Offshore installs Tidal Turbine

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Jan 252014

SAL Offshore’s main vessel, the DP Class II equipped MV SAL05 025-25-01-2014Lone complete with Work Class ROV, successfully installed a VOITH Hytide 1000-13 tidal turbine.

SAL01 025-25-01-2014Coming directly from her previous employment on the Parbuckling Project (Costa Concordia), MV Lone pro-ceeded to Stavanger in Norway to mobilize an ROV spread and project equipment. The mobilization was com-pleted in two and a half days at which time the vessel sailed to Kirkwall/Orkney Islands in the North of Scotland to load an LARS (Launch And Recovery System) for the turbine. After conducting a HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment) with all involved parties and a function test of the equipment, MV”

SAL02 025-25-01-2014

Lone departed Kirk-wall for the EMEC (European Marine Energy Centre) test site to conduct DP trials and ultimately install the tur-bine. Continue reading “SAL Offshore installs Tidal Turbine” »


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Jan 172014

Record-breaking subsea installation of a 1,000 mtons platform 

The SAL vessel, that performed the installation of the platform on another job. The loaded SVENJA enroute Korea – Photo : Skeyes - www.skeyesphoto.com ©

SAL’s heavy Lift vessel Svenja busy on another project, loaded with an accommodation module  enroute Korea – Photo : Skeyes – www.skeyesphoto.com ©

In 2013, SAL Offshore was contracted to perform installation works on Dynamic Positioning in support of the Costa Concordia wreck removal at Giglio Island, Italy. The main tasks for MV Svenja and MV Lone included the installation of subsea platforms, floatation sponsons and one blister tank. The platforms were installed in up to 45 m water depth in order to provide a safe supporting structure for the wreck after being rotated into a vertical position. Platform no. 1, the heaviest of the subsea platforms with a weight of 1,000 mtons and measurements of 40 x 33 x 22 m, depicts a record-breaking subsea installation for a heavy lift transportation vessel. The operation was completed within the expected time scope.  Continue reading “CONCORDIA WRECK REMOVAL PROJECT” »

Seabridge Marine Services Ltd completes load out of 9 barges for Canadian Owner,Mckeil-Malaspina Ltd.

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Dec 262013

Seabridge Marine Services Ltd recently completed the load out of 9 specialized newbuild deck barges onto SAL’s heavy lift vessel M/V FRAUKE at Jingjiang China.

SAL01 360-26-12-2013After delivery to Canada, the barges will go on charter with Canadian operator Mckeil Marine (Newfoundland and Labrador) and will be used on the construction of the Hebron Gravity Based Structure project currently underway at Bull Arm Newfoundland.

Seabridge’s operations director Paul Hilder commented “ we were very pleased with SAL’s performance under their contract with us. The Frauke’s Captain and crew along with the SAL supercargo did a great job carrying out the complicated/precision lifts quickly and professionally, as the clearance on some lifts being only a few centimeters between the barges hulls and the ships cranes – very impressive”.  Continue reading “Seabridge Marine Services Ltd completes load out of 9 barges for Canadian Owner,Mckeil-Malaspina Ltd.” »